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"We needed a tool to be able to ensure the change to flex-office."

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Learn how Pumpkin was able to implement its culture of freedom and cohesion with Deskare
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With over 1.2 million users and 420 million euros exchanged, Pumpkin is a payment and refund application that continues to grow. Initially based in Lille, Pumpkin also opened its offices in Paris and now has over 90 employees. So used to a face-to-face corporate culture, the company has adapted to the challenges of hybrid work, but not without difficulty...

The need for a hybrid work management tool

"We needed a simple and intuitive tool to be able to handle the change to the flex office."

Indeed, Anissa, a human resources officer, explains their need for an effective software tool to implement the company's remote work policy. At Pumpkin, they allow three days of remote work per week and the rest of the time they work in their Paris and Lille offices. They quickly faced the problem of who is where and when.

With plans to open new offices in Lille, Pumpkin was also facing a real problem with space management in its offices in the north of France. There was a clear need to have an overview of the organisation of employees within the company, but without 'monitoring' them, as Hugo, Pumpkin's co-founder, tells us. The challenge is not to monitor employees, but to ensure the proper use of shared workspaces and to adapt the corporate culture to remote work.

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remote work a new part of Pumpkin's corporate culture

Today, Pumpkin's hybrid work policy is no longer a consequence of the pandemic restrictions. It is an integral part of their corporate culture where employees can remote work three days a week. Indeed, Pumpkin wants to rethink the very purpose of the office, which used to be just a place for an employee. The flex office now allows them to approach this space as a place to meet and share, where one can alternate between working in teams, transversally with other teams or alone. It is therefore obvious that it is preferable for members of the same team to be present in the office at the same time to encourage exchanges and collaboration.

However, how can you ensure that your staff are in the office on the same day and that there are still places available?

"We started with a Google spreadsheet, it's a great improvised tool but not at all adapted to our needs. We then used another solution, Semana, without any success with the teams," says Hugo.

Like many companies, Pumpkin tried to organize its transition to remote work with the means at hand... an Excel spreadsheet shared between all employees. But this tool, with little support from the teams, didn't allow us to collect sufficiently precise data on the use of offices by employees. The adoption of a workstation reservation solution, Semana, was subsequently not enough to win over the teams and generate usage that met the need. What was needed was a tool that was simple, quick to implement and would be adopted by all users of Pumpkin's workspaces.

"We needed a tool to be able to ensure the change to flex-office."

How does the Deskare deployment help Pumpkin in its flex-office management?

Deployed in June 2020, Deskare's features provide valuable assistance to Pumpkin's HR and managers. Anissa explains that Deskare is a real time saver for her work because the solution answers all their problems.

Office overcapacity is avoided, the calculation of remote work allowances paid to employees working remotely is simplified, and the statistics gathered enable the creation of a corporate culture adapted to employees' habits. In fact, Deskare enables managers, HR or Office Managers to obtain a dashboard with precise metrics on the use of workspaces. And above all, users can easily find out where one of their colleagues is (remote work or face-to-face), so they can work with them!

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The successful deployment of Deskare at Pumpkin is based on user acceptance. Hugo, the co-founder, notes that thanks to Deskare's multiple integrations, adoption by employees was largely facilitated. A special mention goes to the integration with Slack, which asks users to confirm their week with a single click!

If you're organizing your company's transition to a flex-office, or if you'd like to find out more about how Deskare can help you organize your teams' remote work , let' s get together!

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