General Questions

Deskare, what is it?

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Deskare is a platform accessible on the web, computer and mobile, which simplifies the organization of hybrid work. Each employee can declare his or her status for the coming weeks, consult colleagues' schedules, reserve an office or even a meeting room. Team managers and administrators can set their own remote work rules and access detailed statistics on office use and team attendance. No more Excel spreadsheets to fill in, just declare your schedule in 30 seconds with Deskare!

Is it perceived as a tracking tool?

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Not to our knowledge! Our sales team regularly talks with CSEs and employee representatives, who can sometimes be worried about this (and rightly so). But the focus on the employee experience and the aggregation of data on the administrator side systematically reassures these stakeholders. The feedback from employees is excellent!
We also place great emphasis on the security of our users' personal data and compliance with the RGPD.

Can Deskare be used to manage the flex-office?

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Of course! You can reserve a desk for the day and change it the next day. As an administrator, you can define gauges that will limit the reservation of desks to make sure that everyone can have a desk, and even organize zoning within your space. It is also possible to temporarily close areas to booking if you are hosting an event in your premises or if you are doing some work.

How much does it cost?

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Deskare's offer is invoiced according to the number of users, and follows your growth. The price varies according to the volume of users concerned, and the duration of the commitment that you choose. Contact our Sales team to quickly obtain a personalized estimate!

How do you charge?

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We invoice on an annual basis: thus, the first year, you pay only for the users of the period. An adjustment is then made at the end of the period, according to your evolution! Find more information on our Offers page.

How long does it take to deploy?

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On the company side, only 20 minutes thanks to our ultra-fast onboarding and our HRIS integration. All invitations are sent to your employees in one click!
On the employee side, once the invitation is received, the account creation takes less than 2 minutes thanks to the Single Sign On connection with Google, Slack and Microsoft!

Is there a set-up fee?

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There are no setup fees for the Professional offer, you only pay per use! Only certain customized developments can be invoiced in the case of the Enterprise offer. All of this is subject to a quote when you contact us!


Can we declare by the half-day?

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Yes, you can click on the "half day" button to separate your morning and afternoon statuses

What statuses can I declare in my planning?

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There are four different statuses: office, remote work, absence, away. For the office status, you can choose your workplace and a particular workstation, if the gauges are not exceeded. Finally, it's now possible to add personalized statuses to Deskare!

Can I declare my schedule several weeks in advance?

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That's the point! You can even choose the period open to declaration for your teams, so that your employees can anticipate their planning! It is possible to go up to eight weeks if you wish.

Administration and settings

Do I have to create all the user accounts myself?

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No, Deskare takes care of sending the invitations automatically by e-mail to all employees, from a list that we retrieve in a few seconds from your HRIS or Google Workspace.

How are the departures and arrivals of staff on Deskare managed?

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Users are automatically added and deactivated as they arrive and leave, thanks to our synchronization with your Azure or Google Active Directory, or with your HRIS. No manual management to do on your side!

Can I set my own remote work rules?

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Yes, administrators can define customized rules for remote work and office days in the organization settings. These rules can be applied at several levels (company, teams, offices, individuals...)!

Can I set a maximum occupancy level for the offices?

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Yes, administrators can set a maximum office occupancy gauge (possibly lower than the total space capacity) in the Admin Area tab.

Am I limited in the number of administrator accounts?

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No, you can add as many administrators as you like at no cost. Just enter the email address of the person concerned in the settings tab.

Do managers have special access to their teams' statistics?

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Of course! The role of the managers is essential in the new working modes. On Deskare, each team manager has access to the dashboard of his team, with exclusive statistics and analysis!

Can I edit my own office plans?

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Yes, our simple and efficient editing tool allows you to easily set up zoning within your spaces, to modify, add or delete offices as you (re)arrange them!

API integrations and connections

What is Slack integration?

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The Slack integration is twofold: a reminder to report on Fridays at 3pm, and automatic updating of status icons to find out about a colleague's situation at a glance.

Which HRIS are you integrated with?

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We have already developed an integration with the Lucca suite, Payfit, Workday, BambooHR, Sage, HiBob, Nibélis, ADP Décidium and Eurecia. Others are coming very soon! Want to see a particular HRIS connected? Write to us at !

How are the days of leave declared in my HRIS managed?

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We automatically retrieve the days of leave declared in your HRIS to update your Deskare statuses. The objective: to avoid double data entry for the employee, and to automate what can be automated!

How do you manage user provisioning?

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In some offers, we can connect Deskare to your Active Directory (Azure AD, Google Workspace, Okta...) so that the arrivals and departures of employees are automatically managed. Otherwise, we can also retrieve this information automatically from your HRIS!
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