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Thanks to Deskare, hundreds of companies simply manage their teams and spaces in hybrid mode via an intuitive platform integrated with their tools.

Economisez jusqu'à 30% de surfaces en gérant le flex-office avec Deskare

The most innovative companies use Deskare

Thousands of employees in 300+ offices worldwide use Deskare for their hybrid work

Simple and intuitive

Déployé en 24h

+90% d'utilisation


Put your employees
at the heart of your organization

Our intuitive and easy to use interface allows the whole company to be involved in the organization of remote work and flex-office

Help your employees find their way around easily

remote work schedule

Simplify the experience of reporting remote work days and office attendance in 3 clicks

Office reservation

Ensure that your employees have a workstation even in a flex-office situation

Commitment and culture

Make it easier for your employees to connect in the office with centralized and transparent information
Deskare for employees ➔
Help your employees to find their way around easily - deskare
Available on mobile, tablet and computer

Simplify your HR management of remote work

Customized remote work rules

Define your own remote work and attendance rules according to the company's remote work policy.

Connection to HRIS

Facilitate the management of your employees thanks to our API integrations with your core HR software or your leave module

Attendance statistics and isolation prevention

Identify psycho-social risks, monitor the presence of your teams and strengthen your corporate culture, even in hybrid mode!
Deskare for HR ➔
Simplify your HR management of remote work - deskare
Customizable to your telework charter

Move to data-driven space management

Organization of the flex-office and zoning

Organize your spaces according to the needs of each team and set up zoning easily

Dashboards and space optimization

Access never-before-seen data and optimize your office space according to its actual consumption

Simple and personalized editing of plans

Import your office plans in one click, and edit them directly in Deskare via our intuitive editing interface
Deskare for Work Environment ➔
Switch to data-driven workplace management - deskare
Concrete, activable and exportable data

Facilitate the role of managers in hybrid mode

Simple organization of team moments

Bring your teams together at the office for professional and extra-professional events

Unique data on habits and rituals

Each team manager has an exclusive view on the actual practices of his team.

Facilitates on-site collaboration

Book seats in the same area, find out which day is the most crowded, and ask the workplace teams for spaces suitable for your team with Deskare's hard data.
Deskare for Managers ➔
Make the work of your IT departments easier - Deskare
Engage your teams, even remotely

Integrated with the tools you already use

Deskare is not "just another tool". It works in Slack and Teams, can be accessed with SSO, synchronized with your HRIS or your leave module, accessible in Google Calendar or Outlook: everything is done to simplify your life.

Made for large companies, as well as very large ones

From a few hundred to several thousand employees, Deskare already accompanies companies that look like you.

"Deskare allows us to understand habits by collecting data and it is this data that will shape our new HR policy."
Florent Lambert
DG - Sodexo BRS

Start-ups & scale-ups
"We are very happy to finally have a true dedicated tool to organize hybrid work and track our office capacity. Simple and intuitive, Deskare provides the data needed for efficient organization."
Jacquelyn Salvador
Internal Communication - Back Market

"Deskare helps us a lot in our day-to-day practice of hybrid work within our various offices. If I had to sum up Deskare, for me, it's really several adjectives. It's simple, practical, efficient and modern."
Aurélia Magron
Workplace Manager - Shippeo

"Deskare addresses all of our issues: flex-office, office presence, compliance with remote work policy, and knowing 'who comes when' for all employees."
Anissa Bacar
HR Manager - Pumpkin

"Fantastic job by the entire Deskare team, a very smooth process from the first chat to onboarding our global teams, who love the product!"
Benjamin Pipat
Chief Solution Officer - Jellyfish

Start-ups & scale-ups
"Deskare for us was a real revelation that fills a gap that we had on the management of our offices. We were looking for a solution that would allow us to have precise statistics [...] to optimize our premises and Deskare arrived at the right time for us".
Julie Légalché
Office Manager - Pretto
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