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"Deskare let us know that we could look for office space 50% cheaper for our move."

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Find out how Lifen has optimized its remote work policy using data from Deskare.
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February 2022

Founded in 2015 with the aim of improving the care pathway in the healthcare system, Lifen quickly adapted to the challenges of post-Covid hybrid working. With the testimony of Juliette Parichet, HR Operations Manager, let's dive into how Lifen successfully navigated this organizational and managerial transformation, accompanied by Deskare, the hybrid work and flex office management platform.

The challenge of hybrid working at Lifen: balancing operations and culture

Before Deskare, Lifen, with its 155 employees mainly based in Paris, had to juggle the challenges of hybrid working in a constantly changing environment.

Between the total freedom of remote work granted to employees and the need to preserve social cohesion post-health crisis, Lifen had to reconcile operational imperatives while maintaining a strong corporate culture. Juliette Parichet underlines the cultural challenge surrounding work spaces:

"We're currently developing new products with young teams who need to get together. This creates a cultural challenge around the office for these people to be together."

Deskare's choice for data-driven management

To meet this challenge, Lifen switched to Deskare for its data-driven platform. Deskare appealed to Lifen because of its ability to provide in-depth analysis of attendance patterns, enabling a better understanding of how employees use their offices, and thus facilitating the adaptation of the necessary HR and Workplace policies.

The clarity of the dashboard and the ability to independently adjust the layout of spaces via theintuitive plan editor were essential assets during the company's move:

"Deskare nous a permis de savoir que nous pouvions chercher des bureaux plus petits en termes de surface et donc 50% moins chers que ce que nous avions jusqu'ici."

Lifen was able to undertake the search for its new offices with complete confidence in terms of the size and budget actually required.

"Deskare let us know that we could look for office space 50% cheaper for our move."

A lever for HR performance

Lifen's HR team plays a crucial role in retaining talent and maintaining the company's culture, in a context marked by the widespread use of remote work. The transition to a sustainable hybrid working model relies on a collaborative approach and theinvolvement of managers.

A basic remote work policy has been defined by the HR team after consultation with managers, establishing, for example, that full-time Lifeners at remote work must come into the office two days a month, and four days if they occupy a management position, thus encouraging exchanges and cohesion. It is then up to managers to apply these basic rules to their teams, taking into account operational imperatives. For Juliette Parichet, it's important to streamline this process and anchor it in a logic of support for the company's activities:

"The Covid period was marked by exceptional freedom, which made a return to even flexible rules difficult for some. By giving managers the power to adapt and follow the remote work policy with Deskare, these frustrations have dissipated. What matters is that the decisions made are logical and serve the business."

To make this hybrid organization a reality, Deskare's interactive floor plans reflect operational needs, encouraging the coordination of teams and activities. Everyone can easily find their colleagues on site, and the office becomes a place for social interaction.

Concrete impacts on costs and organization

The empowerment of managers, combined with the support of the Deskare team, enabled Lifen to achieve an excellent 97% adoption rate for the platform. A collaborative work dynamic was created, with the tool fully integrated into the daily habits of employees.

Intelligent integrations with tools such as Slack and the Lucca HRIS, simplify the declaration of days at remote work, for optimum visibility and organization of life in hybrid mode. The ability to see at a glance who's in the office on Slack is particularly appealing to all users.

Deskare hybrid planning slack view
Slack view where users automatically find an emoji attached to first names based on Deskare statuses. Here, Héloïse is on site, hence the binder chosen by Lifen.

Ainsi, la visualisation fiable et claire des habitudes de présence participe à affiner la prise de décisions quant à l'aménagement des bureaux, et à réduire significativement les coûts de location (50%).

A strategic tool in hybrid mode

Lifen's experience with Deskare demonstrates how a methodical, business-focused approach can meet the challenges of hybrid working. Deskare has not only made it easier to manage office attendance, but has also helped to strengthen the corporate culture. With Deskare, Lifen has found not just a tool, but a strategic partner for optimized, sustainable flexibility.

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