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"Deskare listened to our needs right away, which was felt in the adoption by the employees."

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Stuart, Europe's leading logistics company and subsidiary of La Poste Group, manages its 7 offices and 1,200 employees with Deskare
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In an ever-changing world of work, where flexibility and efficiency have become key issues for companies, the monitoring of new working models is more than ever at the heart of concerns. In this context, Stuart the La Poste Group subsidiary specializing in last-mile delivery, has called on Deskare to monitor compliance with its remote work policy and to organize flex office for its 1,200 employees in 7 offices across 6 countries.

Read what Alexandra Vozniak, Global Workplace & Culture Manager and Thomas Fiori, HR Associate have to say about how working with Deskare facilitates the day-to-day management of Stuart's offices.

Data for optimal office utilization

Before adopting Deskare, managing Stuart's post-Covid workspaces was a complex challenge. Alexandra's teams initially turned to a solution that seemed easy to implement: the famous Excel spreadsheet "with little boxes to fill in". However, flaws soon revealed the system's lack of adaptability. Stuart went in search ofa tool specialized in managing hybrid schedules and flexible spaces.

"In the list of criteria we had for the tool, Deskare was the one that matched the most in terms of adaptability to our needs. Deskare immediately listened to what we wanted, without necessarily offering us a product that was already established. That was really helpful." Underlines Alexandra

Thanks to the ready-to-use data available in the application, Stuart benefits from an overview ofits office utilization and can identify under-utilized areas for more efficient reallocation. For all its real estate projects, Stuart relies on the data provided by Deskare. For example, the question arose of moving or reorganizing the London office. Alexandra used Deskare to analyze attendance, occupancy rates, and the most and least used spaces to make the best decision.

"Deskare listened to our needs right away, which was felt in the adoption by the employees."

Flexible offices to enhance the employee experience

Providing a work environment tailored to employees' needs is crucial at Stuart. The company attaches great importance to the flexibility and well-being of its employees. With hybrid working becoming increasingly common, Alexandra's teams sought to improve the organization of office life with a solution that could effectively manage schedules and flex office.

Post Covid, Stuart has set up a system of flexible offices adapted to the frequentation of its sites. The teams therefore neededa tool to facilitate the booking of workspaces according to usage.

With Deskare's help, Stuart maintains a flexible working environment over the long term. The employee experience is enhanced, as they can easily reserve the workstations and resources they need, whether for meetings, group work sessions or individual moments of concentration.

At Stuart, employees have to travel to 7 offices in 6 countries. Deskare manages multi-site operations, which makes Alexandra's job easier:

"We have several floors, offices and warehouses. We have a lot of users who travel, who go from an office in Spain to France. Deskare lets them reserve a seat and know that when they come to visit us, for example in France, they'll have somewhere to sit."

With Deskare, Stuart ensures that every employee can find a place in any office at any time, independently and seamlessly.

Socially-oriented office management

Deskare integrates seamlessly with tools already used by companies, such as HRIS, internal communication platforms (Microsoft Teams, Slack) and corporate calendars (Outlook, Google) to simplify overall workspace management and ensure a seamless hybrid experience for employees.

"With the HR team, we can keep track of our employees' office attendance. Integration with our HRIS allows us to track employee absenteeism and leave, especially if we want to organize office events or important meetings. We're starting to try and assess the rate of employee engagement and disengagement. If we see someone who doesn't come into the office at all, or really only very occasionally, we'll get in touch with them to find out why and see if we can support them towards a return."

In addition to booking workspaces, Deskare offers social features to monitor the risks of isolation associated with hybrid working, and toorganize team events. Deskare also simplifies the onboarding of new employees, automating the process through synchronization.

Stuart's adoption of Deskare has been a real success in optimizing hybrid working and flex office. The social and space reservation functionalities adapted to the specific needs of each activity haveenhanced the employee experience, while optimizing the use of premises.

Deskare's ability to provide valuable data on workspace utilization has also enabled Stuart to make informed facility management decisions, leading to better use of resources and significant savings reinvested in the employee experience.

Deskare continues to innovate to meet the changing needs of the world of work. Stuart's successful experience is a case in point. If you're looking to optimize your hybrid work and flex office, Deskare is the solution to consider for smooth, efficient management of your workspaces. Shall we talk?

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