How can I talk to my Works Council about a desk booking tool?

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November 23, 2023
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Elected members of the Comité Social et Économique (CSE), the employee representative body (IRP), must be involved in discussions concerning work arrangements designed to improve quality of life at work. According to the Baromètre du dialogue social en 2023, 81% of employees consider working conditions to be a priority issue for the CSE and/or trade unions. At information-consultation with the CSE, particularly in the context of the introduction of the flex office, you need to discuss facilities, including reservation tools such as desk booking.

Present the reasons for using desk booking to the Works Council

Desk booking software enables employees to reserve a workstation (specific office, meeting room/coworkingspace) in advance in a shared work environment. These services are particularly useful in contexts where offices are not allocated, such as the transition to flex office. They also meet the needs of companies adopting a organization model.

Employee representatives want to understand the motivation behind exploring this online solution

  • Changes inwork organization
  • Reassure employees in the transition to a flex office,
  • Optimizeworkspace configuration on company premises
  • Use data to study how spaces are occupied,
  • Growing demand from employees for greater flexibility.

In particular, the CSE will examine whether employee well-being is taken into account in the management of workspaces.

Clearly explain to the CSE how the desk booking tool works

To ensure that employee representatives are fully behind thedesk booking tool , and to avoid any mistrust, a clear and exhaustive explanation of how it works is essential.

Take a close look at the various offers from desk office solution providers , then compare prices, taking into account the budget available.

You need to give the ESC a precise description of the key functionalities of the chosenapplication, adapted to your activities

  • Reservation of workstations for employees,
  • Manage cancellations and last-minute changes,
  • Real-time visualization ofoffice occupancy,
  • Meeting space management,
  • Administrator autonomy (plans and authorizations),
  • Space zoning,
  • Visitor management.

The procedure to be followed must be transparent and easy for everyone to understand. To this end, the software selected must meet certain essential criteria: 

  • User-friendliness, accessibility and adaptability,
  • Ease of use with attractive visuals,
  • Transparent integration with existing office tools,
  • Strong data analysis skills.

Example of desk booking in action on the Deskare application 

If possible, schedule a live demo. This hands-on demonstration helps to make the tool more tangible. The CSE then has a practical view of how desk booking really works and its positive impact on theworking environment.

The CSE also expects theemployer to organize training for beneficiaries, so that they understand how to use the desk booking tool. Deskare offers to guide them through the efficient use of the software.

Highlighting the concrete advantages of desk booking over the CSE

When the CSE discusses the issue of desk booking, emphasize the many benefits that this workspace reservation system offers employees

  • Greater flexibility in choice of workplace,
  • Total autonomy in reserving workstations (location, date, full or half day),
  • Simple calendar consultation to check space availability
  • Filtering and customized selection of work areas,
  • Reduced stress linked to the uncertainty of getting a job,
  • Ease of day-to-day management and anticipation of the working week.

The integration of a desk booking platform enables the sustainable deployment of new work organization models combining remote work and face-to-face working.

Flore Pradère, Director of Work Dynamics Research at JLL, explains in the article "Back in the office: the manager, the property manager's best ally": "The major challenge for companies is to organize employees' presence in the office and offer attractive activities, while optimizing costs".

Reassuring the CSE about potential concerns related to desk booking 

The CSE can legitimately express concerns to theemployer regarding : 

  • Confidentiality and security in the management of employees' personal data,
  • Preserving privacy,
  • Fair access to offices,
  • Change management.

With Deskare, thedesk booking tool is simple, intuitive and data-driven to understand employee habits and optimize offices. Data is processed and hosted exclusively in France, in compliance with the RGPD.

The CSE may perceive the desk booking tool as a means of monitoring and tracking employees. By putting the employee experience at the center of concerns, and by aggregating data on the administrators' side, these apprehensions can be dispelled.

The CSE ensures that the implementation of desk booking does not affectemployees' health and safety at work. It checks that the proposed workspaces comply with ergonomic standards and that circulation areas are not cluttered.

Transparent, well-considered communication with the CSE contributes to the successful implementation of thedesk booking tool. You strengthen your position as a driver of agility in your company'sworkspace.