Definition of a slasher

The English term "slasher" could be described in French as a person who practises several trades or skills alongside their main activity, rather than confining themselves to a single profession. This little-known approach to work culture reflects the growing trend towards versatility and the development of multiple skills in a constantly evolving professional environment.

But be careful not to confuse the term slasher with the horror film genre.

A multifaceted profile

Slashers are often individuals who juggle several professional activities, breaking the traditional work code. For example, someone may be a digital marketing consultant, a freelance photographer and a comic book author. This diversity of skills enables them to multiply their sources of income over the years, thrive on a variety of themes, and quickly modify their activity according to the season and fluctuations in the job market.

Adapting to the Future of Work

The slasher concept is closely linked to the vision of the Future of Work, where linear, traditional careers are becoming less commonplace. Slashers embrace change and uncertainty by developing cross-disciplinary skills and exploring new professional opportunities. They are often equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset that enables them to manage their own careers in an agile way.

With some companies imposing a return to the office, employees have now left their jobs to work for themselves and enjoy greater freedom.

The advantages

The benefits of becoming a slasher include greater flexibility, professional diversity and the ability to pursue personal passions while earning a living. However, it can also bring challenges such as time management, financial planning and the need to maintain a solid networking strategy to find opportunities in different fields.

In a nutshell

The slasher embodies a new professional versatility and adaptability required in the working landscape. It illustrates how individuals are redefining their careers to thrive in an increasingly diverse and ever-changing professional world.

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