Work From Anywhere

What is Work From Anywhere?

Work From Anywhere (WFA) is a working model that offers employees maximum flexibility. It means that employees are not tied to a specific physical workplace, be it the company office or their home. Thanks to an Internet connection, WFA makes it possible to work efficiently from anywhere in the world. That's why this mode of working is a blend of hybrid and full remote working.

WFA can be confused with remote work. Indeed, remote work enables employees to work part of the time outside company walls, often from home. With WFA, employees have unprecedented freedom to work from anywhere: whether from home, a café, a beach, coworking spaces or a foreign country.


With this great flexibility, Work From Anywhere offers many advantages to employees:

  • Greater autonomy in managing their time
  • The opportunity to live in places that suit their lifestyle while having a flexible job
  • A better work-life balance

Companies can also benefit from certain advantages:

  • Increased productivity thanks to a more fulfilled team
  • A stronger corporate culture and employer brand
  • Attracting new talent from anywhere in the country, or even the world
  • Lower costs for physical offices
  • An enhanced employee experience

Corporate culture and management

WFA requires a corporate culture that values trust, remote communication and individual responsibility. Digital tools, such as videoconferencing software and project management platforms, play a crucial role in maintaining organization, team cohesion and collaboration. Payfit, for example, enables its employees to work from any location to provide them with the best possible service.

Work From Anywhere requires a change in the way work is organized if it is to be implemented effectively. A collective agreement with the trade unions or the creation of a charter by the employer can then be implemented.

The future of work

WFA is considered one of the pillars of the future of work. It offers workers the freedom to choose where they want to live, while continuing to contribute to their company's success. This approach is in line with the transition to an increasingly digital and globalized economy.

To sum up

Work From Anywhere (WFA) is a working model that offers freedom to employees and is transforming the way businesses operate. It's based on trust, digital technology and flexibility, paving the way for a future where the workplace is no longer a constraint, but a matter of personal and professional choice.

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