Activity Based Working

Activity Based Working (ABW) is a work organization method that rethinks the use of office space. Inspired by the concept developed by Veldhoen, ABW goes beyond simple space planning to promote a new way of working. Instead of having an assigned place, employees and collaborators choose their place of work in the building according to the task they are carrying out.

The fundamental principle of ABW is to provide different areas equipped for different activities. Thus, an employee who needs to concentrate might choose a quiet, secluded space. Whereas a team wishing to collaborate would opt for an open workspace. Similarly, "open space" areas encourage informal exchanges, while rooms with excellent acoustics are dedicated to meetings.

The advantages of this concept are numerous. It offers greater flexibility and adaptability to the organization and its employees, andencourages productivity, creativity and collaboration. What's more, by offering employees a choice, ABW promotes better space utilization and optimized management of tools and offices, while implementing appropriate security and connectivity.

However, moving to an ABW environment requires significant change. Companies need to invest in training their employees, provide them with the necessary tools and rethink their office layouts. Adaptability is crucial to the success of this method.

In conclusion,Activity Based Working is much more than just a design concept. It's a revolution in the way companies think about work and the occupation of their spaces. With the right layout, the right practices and a solid organization, it has the potential to positively transform any company's working environment.

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