Desk booking


Desk booking, also known as an office reservation tool, is a method enabling employees to reserve a workstation in advance, such as a desk or meeting room, within a shared work environment.

The adoption of a desk booking system represents a solution for companies wishing to maximize the efficiency of their workspaces, offer their employees greater flexibility and simplify the management of reservations.

This is particularly beneficial in flex-office environments, where employees don't have their own offices, but share space. What's more, desk-booking software can be particularly useful for companies adopting a hybrid working model.

Desk booking software features

Thanks to these office reservation tools, employees can organize their working day more efficiently by consulting the space availability calendar and selecting the facility that best suits their needs. The interface integrates office floor plans to facilitate orientation within the various spaces.

These desk booking solutions are managed via software, an application or an online platform, enabling employees to check the availability of spaces, choose the time and date that suit them, and proceed with their booking.

Some systems also integrate functionalities such as real-time visualization of space availability for users, cancellation management and customization of space configurations (for example, booking a meeting room with specific equipment).

The advantages

Desk booking services enable employees to reserve their workspace independently, reducing the stress associated with finding an available space. This encourages better organization and anticipation of their working lives, by enabling them to plan their locations for the week in advance.

Companies benefit too. They can analyze a wide range of data from their premises: employee reporting rates, their location (whether they are in the office, at remote work, on the road or absent) or space occupancy rates, enabling them to determine the days when employees are most present in the office. All this data is important and can help improve the employee experience.

In a nutshell

Desk booking is a tool for reserving a workstation, office or meeting room. This practice is particularly useful in flex office environments where desks are not assigned. Employees can plan their day by consulting availability and choosing facilities suited to their needs. This system offers companies a solution for optimizing the use of their space, offering employees flexibility and simplifying the management of reservations.

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