Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours

Flexitime is a working system that allows employees to define their own working hours to a certain extent. This may include the possibility of starting and finishing their working day earlier or later, as well as working part-time or full-time.

This flexibility enables employees to better balance their week between personal and professional life, by adapting to the demands of their job. Employees can organize their working hours according to their length of service and professional objectives.

Flexible working hours do not generally require any special office layout.

Several types of flexible working hours

There are several types of flexible working hours:

  • The ability to work variable hours, which allows employees to choose their start and end times according to their needs and projects. This flexibility helps them achieve their goals more efficiently.
  • The remote workwhich enables employees to work remotely, provided they have the appropriate computer equipment. They can work from home or another location of their choice, for all or part of their working hours.
  • Part-time schedules, which allow employees to work fewer hours than full-time employees. This choice can be particularly beneficial for those looking to devote extra time to personal activities or extra time off.

The advantages of flexible working hours

  • A better quality of personal and professional life
  • Reduced transport costs, thanks to the possibility of working remotely, thus avoiding additional travel.
  • Improved mental and physical health, as employees can better adapt to their schedules and take time off when necessary
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Improved productivity: an HSBC study found that 61% of companies that introduced flexible working hours saw an improvement in their productivity.

Challenges to meet

Flexible working hours can challenge the employer in a number of ways: coordinating tasks and organizing the team, implementing these more flexible schedules, and ensuring good communication and collaboration between employees.

To meet these challenges, some companies are introducing flexible work management systems that help employees to better reconcile their professional and personal spaces. This may include articles in the company's hybrid work charter on flexible working, explaining the rules to be respected as well as more flexible working hours.

A Citrix study has shown that companies offering flexible working hours tend to have more satisfied employees and better talent retention. Flexible working hours have become an essential element in modern work organization, offering mutual benefits to employers and employees alike.

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