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"We can meet regularly for moments of work, but also of conviviality with Deskare"

Castalie uses Deskare on a daily basis to provide its employees with the ultimate hybrid work experience
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August 2021

Founded by Thibault Lamarque in 2011, CASTALIE is a French circular economy company. On a daily basis, its employees work hand in hand to carry out the company's mission: to provide access to quality water, good for you and for the planet. To achieve this, a range of solutions is offered for professionals: eco-designed fountains, containers and rental-maintenance service. More than 2500 companies, hotels and restaurants use their service every day, for the quality of water and the sustainable impact on the planet. Thanks to the 4000 fountains installed, more than 130 million plastic bottles have been avoided since 2011!

CASTALIE has more than 100 employees spread over two sites: one in Boulogne-Billancourt and the other in Issy-les-Moulineaux. Following the new work organization generated by the health crisis and the various confinements, CASTALIE asked itself some (good) questions for the well-being of its employees...

The new deal at work: when flexibility and sustainability go hand in hand

As CASTALIE saw its employees progressively return to the premises, one of the challenges was to find a place on site for everyone, despite the government's ever-recommended space limitations. Team and space management then became a concern.

Morgane Rumelhard, Human Resources Manager at CASTALIE, explains how hybrid work and flex-office were implemented, with the dual objective of preparing the return to the office to work, but also to share moments as a team.

The organization of hybrid work: towards a serene and sustainable management

For many of our customers, setting up remote work has its advantages and disadvantages. At CASTALIE, once the rules had been defined and framed, a desire to organize the practice of remote working emerged. The hybrid and flex-office mix was first managed via an Excel file that employees had to fill in to inform the rest of the team of days teleworked.

Morgane told us that this way of working was not fluid. It quickly led to employees forgetting to notify their schedules and last-minute changes. A need was quickly created:

"With the flex-office and two offices, we lacked a tool to view the number of employees present, available locations, face-to-face days, etc."

The meeting between CASTALIE and Deskare: a promising cute meet

At Deskare, we believe in love at first sight. In any case, we believe in relationships based on a common vision, solid and transparent foundations with our clients. Our meeting with CASTALIE met the specifications, and the feelings were mutual:

"Cristina Zamfir, our HR director, had the chance to meet Deskare during a trade show. She immediately loved the product. So we contacted you some time later, in mid 2021. The solution was implemented a few weeks later, in September 2021."

On a day-to-day basis, Deskare enables CASTALIE (one of our first customers!) to manage remote work and flex-office with peace of mind. Visibility of employees' presence on their premises enables them to manage both space and activity. For example, teams appreciate being able to easily schedule meetings according to the presence of each individual.

"We can meet regularly for moments of work, but also of conviviality with Deskare"

A tool to focus on the essentials: the social link and productivity

Many companies want to (re)place their social role at the heart of their employer branding and internal communications strategy. Formalizing the practice of working remotely, notably by signing a remote work charter, reassures talented employees and often helps attract new ones.

"Our organization includes a remote work rhythm of 2 days a week for the majority of employees. Once on our premises, we operate in flex-office mode. With this rhythm, we retain an office life. We can get together regularly for moments of work, but also of conviviality!"

An attendance and space management software allows Office Managers and HR, like Morgane, to save time on time-consuming and low value-added tasks. This increases productivity and time spent on more important business tasks.

Necessary flexibility : coping with the rapid changes in the new world of work

Companies are adapting to new practices and employee demands. In parallel, we continuously improve our software, delivered in Saas, to guarantee an optimal use that reflects the current needs and stakes. In order to blend in with the background and to offer a simple and practical software solution, Deskare integrates with all the tools already in place in the companies: HRIS, communication solutions, calendars, Active Directories, identity managers and many other smart office services.

For example, CASTALIE uses the HRIS Lucca, with which Deskare is perfectly integrated. On the users' side, there is no double entry of vacations. On the Workplace Managers and HR side, the synchronization of the data related to the employees is automatic, so there is no need to systematically update the list of the teams or to reactivate them:

"Each employee receives an alert every Friday afternoon via Slack to record, with just a few clicks, the upcoming week."

Morgane told us that one of her favorite features is Favorites. In other words, she can highlight the employees of her choice on our platform. This gives her easy access to their schedules. It's a feature we developed following a suggestion from one of our customers. Now, users can see at a glance which of their favorites are at remote work or in the office. In fact, Morgane's second favorite feature is the office map, a handy way of finding out exactly where her (favorite) colleagues are!

"Managers have visibility into where their teams are working, remote or on-site, which makes it easier for us to organize."

In short, and still according to Morgane: "Deskare is very practical to use"!

Our teams are constantly in contact with Workplace Managers, HR professionals and company directors. Our goal is to meet their needs by creating functionalities that integrate perfectly with their existing HR tools.

If you want to know more, please check out the case study Ledger & Deskare: diving into the future of hybrid work or to schedule a demo We'll be happy to answer your questions!

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