Why integrate your HRIS with a flex-office tool?

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May 2, 2023
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Your company is growing fast, and the number of employees is increasing. You are making (or have already made) the strategic decision to turn to an HR information system (HRIS for short). In many cases, this is essential if you are to manage your workforce effectively over the long term...

At Deskare, we are fully aware that the tool you choose to organize your hybrid work management must integrate harmoniously with all your existing tools. 

That's why we now integrate with the majority of HRIS systems on the market. So make the most of it! 

Why integrate Deskare into your HRIS? 

Our native integrations with your HRIS ensure ultra-efficient onboarding. In just a few minutes, you'll find all your employees, teams and managers in your Deskare space, in a configuration similar to that of your HRIS. How convenient is that? And all at no additional development or implementation cost for our existing integrations.

What's more, provisioning and deprovisioning will be managed almost automatically on your Deskare space: no more hours spent adding and deleting collaborators by hand, you'll be able to devote your time to higher value-added tasks!

Last but not least, integration with your HRIS means that your employees' days off are automatically taken into account. Forget double manual entry of your vacations and days off, which will be automatically declared on Deskare!

The next step? Opening up our own API, so that third-party services can plug into Deskare data and exploit it as you see fit. Good news: this feature is already available in beta!

How does Deskare interface? 

We've designed Deskare to be a platform that's easy to use every day, and that goes for onboarding too! 

In fact, prior to your onboarding, all your company's administrator has to do is issue an API key from your HRIS. Then enter this API key in your Deskare space, and that's it! We then automatically retrieve the employees, teams and days off.  

And who would be better placed than our current customers to confirm the formidable effectiveness of these integrations? Read more about some of our use cases on our blog!

Which HRIS systems can Deskare be integrated with?

Today, we offer native API integrations with your favorite tools! 

  • Lucca 
  • Bamboo
  • Hibob
  • Eurecia
  • Sage 
  • Payfit 
  • Salesforce
  • ADP 
  • Workday
  • Nibélis
  • Bob
  • Factorial 
  • Personio

Coming soon: 

  • Silae

Good news for you: we're continuing to develop new integrations every week! If you have a specific request, we'd be delighted to help you develop it!

To sum up this article on HRIS

What is the role of HRIS?

The Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is a tool that enables companies to better manage their human resources. It includes solutions for recruitment, employee administration, training and talent deployment, payroll management, and management and reporting processes. HRIS is an integrated system that provides a better experience for all employees, and a more complete view for HR managers and teams, thanks to its powerful functionalities.

What are the advantages of integrating an HRIS?

The integration of an HRIS brings many benefits to a company: it facilitates communication between employees and the various HR departments; it enables more accurate tracking of employee information (payroll, training, performance, etc.), thus improving time management; it offers employees a better experience in terms of HR services; it enables greater productivity thanks to the automation of certain tasks; it enables faster implementation of organizational changes; it gives companies better visibility of their processes and overall performance.

What is the definition of HRIS?

A Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is an integrated software package that brings together various tools enabling companies to effectively manage their human resources. It can include modules for recruitment, employee administration, payroll, training and talent development, as well as management and reporting. An HRIS offers employees a better experience in terms of HR services, and helps organizations make better decisions based on available data.

What's the point of an HRIS for a company?

The Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is an essential business tool. It enables organizations to manage their people and HR processes more efficiently. An HRIS offers employees a better experience in terms of HR services, and helps organizations make better decisions based on available data. Last but not least, it can help improve communication and collaboration between different departments, thereby boosting overall business efficiency.

What are the steps involved in integrating an HRIS?

The integration of an HRIS involves several stages: choosing the right software publisher, analyzing requirements, defining and configuring functionalities, installing the software, testing and training employees in the use of the HRIS, implementing the solution and monitoring integration. It is also important that all staff are informed of the change, so that they are well equipped to make the most of the new solutions.

Any other questions about hybrid working or our integrations? Contact us: thomas@deskare.io