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October 10, 2022
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After several requests from our customers, we decided to develop a new functionality within Deskare: the reservation of parking spaces.

In concrete terms, employees who use Deskare on a daily basis to fill in their remote work schedules and reserve workstations will now be able to reserve a parking space when they visit the site. The functionality will show them the number of available parking spaces directly in the office reservation menu, and the reservation will be made with a single click, by activating a button.

Why this feature?

Many employees still travel to the office by car, especially in the provinces or in places where public transport and other modes of transport are not widely available. But companies don't necessarily have the same number of parking spaces as the total number of employees, and for good reason: with remote work, the days when all employees are in the office at the same time can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

It becomes obvious for companies to rationalize their parking spaces, by making a limited number of parking spaces available. But this cannot be done if it degrades the employee experience, for example by introducing too much uncertainty.

Improve the employee experience while reducing its footprint

This optimization of surface area (and of the carbon footprint, indirectly, since this measure amounts to encouraging the use of other means of mobility) must obviously not come at the expense of the employee experience: this is why it is necessary to reassure the employee that he or she will have a place available for the days he or she wishes to go to the office.

Every employee can be sure that there is a free seat when they arrive at the office: the start of a successful day!

With Deskare's Parking feature, employees can be assured that they are coming to work in the right conditions, with all the resources available for a productive day of work on site: employee schedules, available office space, available parking, bookable meeting rooms, etc. In addition, the reporting experience is unified on a single platform, Deskare, integrated with Slack, Teams and all the tools used by employees. The experience is simplified for the entire company!

But that's not all: administrators can then track the average and historical occupancy of their parking spaces in order to make the best possible decisions and optimize their surfaces in accordance with the actual use made by employees.

If you want to know more about this feature and our future developments, contact us at hello@deskare.io!

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