How to cultivate well-being in the workplace?

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June 9, 2022
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It's no secret that the workplace has changed dramatically in recent years. Thanks to advances in technology, more and more people are working from home or on the road.

But what about those who still crave a traditional work atmosphere? Is it still possible to cultivate well-being in the workplace? In this article, we'll discuss some tips for creating a quality, healthy and happy work environment that is conducive to employee productivity and well-being.

Encourage work-life balance

Here are some tips on how to achieve work-life balance through a culture of corporate well-being.

remote work whenever possible

In today's busy world, it's more important than ever to cultivate well-being in the workplace. One way to do this is to allow employees to telecommute whenever possible.

Not only does this give employees more flexibility and freedom, it also helps them avoid stressful commutes and create a quality work-life balance. remote work can also :

As a manager, you can promote well-being within the company by giving employees the opportunity to remote work, when it makes sense for them. In doing so, you'll create a healthier, happier working environment for all your employees.

Fixed but flexible hours

An office manager can help cultivate well-being in the company by offering fixed but flexible working hours. This means that employees are expected to be present at work at fixed times, but that they also have the possibility to adjust their schedule according to their activities.

For example, an employee who has to take his or her child to school may start the day a little later, while someone who has a train schedule to keep may leave the company a little earlier.

By offering this type of flexibility, department managers can help employees achieve a quality work-life balance.

Promote healthy eating habits and exercise

Did you know that 47% of French people are overweight or obese? That's why it's important for employers to create a work environment that promotes healthy eating and exercise habits.

Offer fruits, vegetables and water

As every professional who has ever worked in an office knows, sugary snacks and beverages are a regular part of the workday. Whether it's a mid-morning energy boost or an afternoon pick-me-up, sugar is often considered a necessary evil to get through a busy day at the office.

However, while sugar can give a temporary energy boost, it can also lead to long-term health problems such as:

  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • heart disease

That's why an employer who wants to cultivate corporate wellness should consider offering fruits, vegetables and water instead of snacks and sugary drinks.

By making healthy options easily accessible, you can encourage your employees to make better choices on a daily basis. So if you're looking to promote corporate wellness, ditch the sugar and stock up on healthy drinks and snacks instead.

Facilitate access to sport

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not always easy, especially when juggling a busy work schedule. However, there are a number of simple ideas that company management can take to spread wellness and health in the workplace.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to provide easy access to sports activities. This can be as simple as providing locker rooms and showers for employees who want to exercise before or after work. In addition, management can offer discounted memberships to quality gyms or provide on-site yoga classes.

By enabling employees to stay active, employers can help create a culture of well-being in the workplace that can :

  • boosting team morale
  • improve the health of employees
  • reduce the risk of absenteeism
  • increase productivity
  • to evacuate the stress of the employees
  • maintain cohesion among colleagues
  • facilitate personal development
  • spreading a performance culture

Provide a comfortable and quiet work environment

Most people agree that working in a comfortable and calm work environment is essential to productivity and well-being.

Unfortunately, many companies are not in this business. Noise levels can be high and it can be difficult to find a place to focus.

Here are some tips for creating a quality workspace.

A space to relax and recharge

The modern workplace can develop a stressful atmosphere. With deadlines to meet and projects to oversee, it's easy for employees to feel overwhelmed. As a management leader, you can help cultivate a sense of well-being in the workplace by providing employees with a space to relax and recharge.

It doesn't have to be a very elaborate space: a simple seating area with comfortable chairs and a few basic amenities such as a coffee machine or a small refrigerator will suffice. What's important is that it gives employees a sense of well-being amidst the hustle and bustle of office activities. When they have a place to relax, they are better able to deal with work-related stress and remain productive.

So if you're looking to create a more positive work environment, consider investing in a relaxation space for your team.

Don't neglect the decoration

A well-decorated workspace can do wonders for the well-being and health of employees. Sure, there are the basics, like keeping the space clean and clutter-free. But going a step further to create a pleasant and inviting professional setting can make a big difference in how employees feel when they come to work each day.

Management involved in this topic should consider:

  • to add plants
  • to integrate quality artworks
  • use soothing colors
  • to provide comfortable furniture

These simple changes can help create a sense of well-being and promote productivity.