Ledger & Deskare: a deep dive into the future of hybrid work

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January 20, 2022
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A French unicorn founded in 2014, Ledger is the leading platform for digital asset management and Web3. Over 15% of the world's crypto assets are secured by Ledger Nanos. Headquartered in Paris and Vierzon, with offices in London, New York and Singapore, Ledger has a team of more than 500 professionals developing products and services that enable individuals and businesses to securely buy, store, trade, grow and manage crypto-assets - including Ledger's range of crypto wallets with more than 4 million units already sold in 180 countries.

As a high-growth scaleup, one of Ledger's key challenges is to forge a culture that attracts and retains top talent globally, especially in a post-Covid environment where remote work is reshuffling the deck. This is the mission of the Culture & Workplace departments, which are responsible for creating a fluid hybrid work environment and a unique employee experience.

Carolyn Koch, Head of Culture & Internal Communications and Réda Nafaa, Head of Workplace & Facilities, explain how Ledger is setting new standards in hybrid work culture, putting employee productivity and well-being first.

Ledger's hybrid policy: balancing freedom and cohesion

In a post-pandemic environment that has disrupted the way we work, Ledger designed its remote policy to give employees the freedom to choose their days in the office - whether in Portland, Paris, London, Geneva or Singapore - while maintaining strong team ties.

Ledger requires employees to be onsite two days a week, allowing them to work remotely for three days. While this is becoming the new norm, Ledger's hybrid policy engine is paving the way for a new kind of employee experience. Carolyn shares: 

"At Ledger, hybrid work is no longer rooted in Covid. It's part of our culture, and it's here to stay. We want employees to have the freedom to work from home and design their own work style, but we are focused on improving the office experience. Ledgers don't come to work head down or sit through video calls all day. They come to connect, and we want to provide moments conducive to that, whether it's peer-led workshops, happy hours, wellness activities, or whatever."

So Ledger's vision of hybrid work goes beyond the traditional corporate-wide charter scheme: its policy is integrated into the employee experience eliminating frustration and wandering. 

Exceptional workplaces that use technology to enhance social relationships

More than a debate about square footage, flex-office is really about human behavior and managerial posture. At Ledger, the focus is on understanding how to use workspaces and how to create chance encounters.

Ledger uses the mechanism of squads, a team that brings together employees from different functions, and is motivated by an in-depth analysis of office use. Réda states:

"We design agile workspaces to bring people together like never before. We balance individual workstations with collaborative areas and focus on new ways of working, putting our people at the center of creating the spaces."

This approach allows Ledger's Workplace department to envision and analyze the use of their flexible offices and integrate this data into their workplace strategy to design and create spaces that will bring people together.

How Deskare is helping Ledger deploy its hybrid vision

Ledger was looking for a team and a tool to help them deploy this vision in a fast and responsive way, and a partnership with Deskare was quickly a no-brainer. After a few calls and defining a scope of work, Ledger made the decision toonboard the entire organization within two weeks. Thanks to deep integrations with Ledger's tool stack (BambooHR, Slack and Google Calendar), the team behind Deskare was able to provide ultra-fast and personalized onboarding.

Plug and play upon installation, Deskare is an instant hit for employees who not only secure a safe seat in the office but can also easily meet with colleagues on the spot. Users also benefit from Deskare's connection to Slack and Google Calendar on a daily basis, which helps make Deskare a new habit. The adoption of the tool has been a huge success and working with Deskare has become a new habit.

Finally, Deskare provides Ledger's Workplace and People teams with comprehensive metrics and dashboards, as well as fully exportable datasets: these numerical analyses allow Ledger to streamline all space-related issues with concrete and accurate data.

The good news: there's a lot of new stuff to come! Ledger and Deskare are now working hand-in-hand to build the most powerful tool with new features delivered weekly, and the collaboration is here to stay, so stay tuned!

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