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December 13, 2022
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While building the Deskare platform, we regularly ask our users what they would like to see available on the platform. This co-construction process has regularly led us to release patches, improvements and new features that you can regularly find on our LinkedIn page!

As 2022 comes to a close, what could we add to Deskare to make it even more adopted and appreciated by employees?

Why do we come to the office?

This is the question we asked ourselves while thinking about the next additions to Deskare. This echoes the work of one of our favorite people on the subject of the Future of Work: Samuel Durand, who shot and produced a documentary with an evocative subject:"Why do we even work ?

At a time of the Great Resignation, when companies are seeking to engage their employees by all means while attracting them with seductive remote work and hybrid work policies, this question is at the heart of their concerns. 

What reason would someone have to get up earlier, take public transport or their own vehicle, waste time in transport to spend the day at the office, when they could do the same work without leaving home, with their loved ones and with 30 minutes more sleep?

Recreate the intention to come to the office

When we interviewed our users, we realized that there was a simple reason why they came to the office: the social link that is created there. This link is created by the different events, formal and informal, that make an office come alive for the employees. 

Breakfasts, afterworks, team lunches, but also chess games, service rituals, anniversaries and farewell parties: all these are opportunities to get together, to see people too often seen through Zoom/Teams/Google Meet/others, and to recreate those sparks that keep an organization together.

We believe that coming to the office should not be a matter of chance, of an alarm clock left on inadvertently or of a face-to-face meeting!

Nor should it be a question of a fixed day. On the contrary, it should be chosen to provide employees with the best possible experience of the two worlds of hybrid work: remote work and face-to-face. 

Deskare presents: team events

To bring employees back to the office, you have to make them want to come. This is why we have developed team events. Concretely, each collaborator can now create an event that appears directly on the "My Week" view of the concerned persons (belonging to a team or attached to an office for example).

Deskare - organizing internal events in companies
Simply create synchronized events in your pro calendar, visible and accessible by everyone: that's the goal of the new Deskare feature.

Collaborators can then see the participants, indicate their participation, and sync the event to their own calendar (Google or Outlook). Collaborators are even notified on Slack, Teams or by email when an event that concerns them is created! So, no more missed communication. All your events, corporate (all-hands, afterworks...) or team (rituals, one-one...) or even extra-professional events (the Thursday lunchtime soccer game for example) are grouped together on the same platform and visible at a glance.

The goal: to recreate the intention to come to the office.

If you are interested, let's talk about it! You can directly request a demo by clicking on this link.

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