[New] Macro-zoning on Deskare!

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August 31, 2023
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Summer's coming to an end, back-to-school is just around the corner, and Deskare's new products are starting to appear...

So I'm delighted to share with you one of our major product evolutions for the autumn of 2023: the possibility of macro-zoning on Deskare, with the release of Villages!

Macro-zoning: what for?

Since the very first versions of Deskare, it has been possible to book office space via our integrated interface with Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Until now, these spaces could be classically broken down into several levels:

  • Office sites (for multi-site companies)
  • Zones (mainly office floors)
  • Individual workstations

By the end of summer 2023, 65% of our customers were offering their employees the option of reserving an individual workstation, while the remainder were content to divide their workstations into floors or zones.

From now on, a fourth level will coexist with the individual workstations within the zones: the Villages.

Gathering a variety of names among our customers (tribes, districts, benchs...), these Villages constitute a group of workstations materialized by a shape, to which is associated a maximum capacity, and management rules (allocation by team...).

So why develop these Villages?

At a time when"test and learn" is proving essential for HR and Work Environment teams to offer employees the best possible work experience, it was essential to give our customers as much flexibility as possible in their layout options.

Encouraging team movement and diversity

The macro-zoning made possible by the Villages enables Work Environment departments to expand their space-planning possibilities, and offer a flexible and reassuring option to their employees.

On the one hand, employees are reassured by the certainty of having a workstation when they arrive on site, even under ambitious flex-office conditions (some Deskare customers have opted for an expansion rate of around 0.4!).

On the other hand, reserving a workstation within a village gives employees the freedom to place themselves wherever they wish within the village, and avoids a sedentarization phenomenon where certain employees frequently reserve the same workstation.

See also: Macro, micro, desk-booking: everything you need to know about zoning!

At a time when"test and learn" is essential for HR and Work Environment teams to offer employees the best possible work experience, it was essential to give our customers as much flexibility as possible in their space planning options, and in the digital experience they offer their teams.

The Villages are just one more element in Deskare's toolkit for DET teams, enabling them to offer the best possible hybrid experience.

The new Deskare editing mode, including the new Villages feature

It's worth noting that Villages and individual workstations can be booked together in the same area, thus multiplying the range of experiences available to employees on their way to the office!

The result of successful co-design

The design of this feature, initiated in June 2023, came from the observation of several customers who were using Zones in a roundabout way, renaming them according to the teams to which these zones were attached. As is often the case at Deskare, it was therefore the subject of a Beta design, tested with several Work Environment managers. 

Based on their feedback, we were able to gradually refine the functionality, introducing advanced rules for managing the reservation of these Villages (allocation to specific teams, rolling allocation by day of the week, coexistence on the same floor plan with individual workstations).

This feedback was also an opportunity to completely overhaul Deskare's native plan editing system. The new editing system offers greater editing flexibility (multi-selection, one-click scaling). Our team paid particular attention to the details that make arranging plans as simple as possible, to lighten this task often considered tedious.

Once the result was judged to be fully satisfactory, the functionality was launched at two customers who had requested it as a priority.

We're now delighted to make this feature available to all our users!

Do you have a flex-office project and would like to find out more about this feature in person with an expert from our sales team? Click here to make an appointment with our team!

Have you tested the feature and would you like to give us your feedback? Write to us at support@deskare.io, we'd love to hear your suggestions!