The future of work and the impact on the Office Manager's job: a look back at the Office Manager Summit 2022

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September 29, 2022
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TheOffice Manager Summit is the trade show created by and for Office Managers. On May 17, 2022, our team was present for the 5th edition!

Lia Bazin, herself an Office Manager and founder of the Office Managers ClubThis unique B2B networking event will allow participants to share best practices, feedback and discuss all aspects of the Office Manager's job during round tables and workshops.

For us, there is nothing better than meeting people in person, which we had missed during the Covid: smiles and discussions over apple juice with people we met on site or Office Managers already using Deskare 🙂

In addition to our stand, we had the chance to participate in a round table on the future of work and the impact on the Office Manager's job. Accompanied by Gloria Miezi, Office Manager at Jus Mundiour CEO Vianney Goater was able to speak and give his point of view on the subject:

"It was a very friendly and participative intervention where questions were asked to the audience, composed of current Office Managers and freelancers, to understand their current issues and to give an idea of the impact of the Future of Work on their business" explains Vianney.

Following all these exchanges, we have prepared a summary of the key points discussed on the latest trends in the Office Manager profession:

  • The Office Manager as the foundation of office life
  • Recent changes in the hierarchy for the Office Manager profession
  • The office management of the future will be data-driven
  • How to relieve the operational workload of Office Managers


The Office Manager as the foundation of office life

A true Swiss Army knife profession, the Office Manager is involved in the daily life of the company:

"Office Managers have a central role in the culture and cohesion of a company, they are the foundation of office life in all its aspects" says Vianney.

Recently, the management of corporate life has become twofold. In addition to the office, we also have to think about the lives of our employees by remote work. Office Managers are responsible for ensuring that all employees have a good experience. Their great adaptability means they can react quickly and learn new things every day, in contact with everyone in the company - indispensable!

Recent changes in the hierarchy for the Office Manager profession

The evolution of the Office Manager's job can be seen in his or her relationship with the company's hierarchy: the majority report to the CFO, but more and more depend on the HR department or on a recently created Culture department. Many of the Office Managers who participated in the round table had recently changed their N+1 to whom they report.

The round table on the future of work and the impact on the Office Manager profession

Office Managers play an important role in theanimation of the company'svalues and culture. With the challenges of attendance and space management, it is not surprising that their position in the company is constantly evolving.

The office management of the future will be data-driven

Gloria Miezi has an interesting vision of the Office Manager position. She sees this role as that of a Product Manager, who must iterate, take an interest in his "users", i.e. the employees, by remaining very close to them. The human aspect is at the heart of the job.

She recommends using the best tools to capitalize on data, support decisions and report more forcefully to management on issues that are very strategic for the company: office space management, culture,talent attraction, etc.

The future of work must necessarily be matched by a data-driven "Office Manager of the future" who uses simple and effective tools to enable him to focus his time and attention on the most strategic subjects and high value-added tasks.

How to relieve the operational workload of Office Managers?

Office Managers are often overwhelmed by the very operational aspects of daily life. They don't necessarily have the time to take a step back and think about long-term issues and strategic challenges.

Gloria's speech and the audience's comments during the round table, revealed the need to use good service providers to relieve the daily and operational workload. This confirms the relevance of the Office Manager Summit to make the right connections and discover each other's tips.

The need is clear: simplicity, integration and data via practical and efficient solutions. This is exactly what we had in mind when we co-designed Deskare with Office Managers from top scaleups such as Dashlane, Alan, Stuart or Luko.

From all our discussions at the Summit, we can see that companies need a platform to enhance and streamline theemployee experience, while easing the workload of Office Managers. For example, managing remote work and flex office should not be a burden for them. That's why Deskare is so easy to learn and use, and allows administrators to manage workspaces intuitively, thanks to Slack, Teams, Google Calendar and Outlook integrations (and many others)!

Very interesting talks at the Office Manager Summit 2022


To sum up, it was a real pleasure for the whole team to have been able to take part in these moments of convivial exchanges around refreshments (it was 30°C at the time of the Summit!), which promote concrete discussions on the daily life of Office Managers, their needs and their expectations towards a performing flex office solution. The future of the Office Manager profession is promising 🚀