How to name a meeting room? Our advice to avoid mistakes!

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February 2, 2023
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Naming a conference room is not an easy task. On the surface, you're just naming a room. But what you're really doing is developing highly visible cultural symbols throughout your office.

After you choose the meeting room, these room names will serve as conversation starters for visitors, investors, customers and potential partners of your company. For your employees, they will set the tone for the many meetings that will take place there, whether they are one-on-one meetings, weekly team meetings, feedback sessions, strategy sessions, etc.

Since room names are the gatekeepers of your company's culture, choose names that everyone can be proud of and rally around. This will make it easier to remember when people want to book a meeting room. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips for naming your meeting rooms.

Basic rules for naming your meeting rooms

Avoid confusion in naming meeting rooms

Whenorganizing a meeting, naming the rooms helps eliminate confusion between the different areas of your office.

Conference Room 1 and Conference Room 2 will work, as will The Large Conference Room and The Small Conference Room, but they are extremely prosaic and do not inspire any kind of feeling or emotion.

With proper room naming, you can differentiate any number of spaces (eliminating confusion) while having a little fun.

Think about the company culture first

Room naming also contributes to corporate culture. It shapes how your employees view and interact with your company. If your company culture is rather strict and traditional, conference room 1 may suffice. But if your company culture is a bit more relaxed, open, a creative name reinforces that atmosphere and helps employees feel like they're part of a team.

Here are some examples of meeting room names: 

At Etsy, a mix between food and music.

  • Bon-Bon Jovi 
  • Johnny Cashews
  • Nine Inch Snails 
  • Oreo Speed wagon 
  • The Rolling Stones

At Facebook, it's a mashup between music groups and acronyms:

  • 50 CentOS 
  • Barenaked LEDs 
  • Jay-ZOMG 
  • Johnny Cache

Create an inclusive workplace

Similarly, how you choose to name your rooms helps create a more inclusive workplace. When all members of your team, regardless of age & gender, identify with the behaviors, norms and standards your company conveys, they identify with the company culture and feel invited to contribute to it.

This highlights the importance of choosing names for your meeting rooms from a wide range of cultural references rather than limiting naming to a set of traditions.

Some tips for finding the right name for your meeting rooms

Stay loyal to your company

Building your brand is all about consistency. From the name you give your products, to the room names you choose, everything contributes to how your customers and employees identify with your company.

If you stray from the brand, for example, by naming your hiking gear company's meeting rooms after planets or 80s movies, everyone is likely to scratch their heads. Do your best to stay true to the brand when naming your company's spaces.

Choose a theme

The consistency that is crucial in your brand is also crucial in your space naming convention. Choose a theme that is relevant to your brand so that your meeting spaces have a common thread.

For example, Twitter chose a room naming theme - birds - that easily fit into its brand and made sense to both team members and visitors.

Ask for employee input

Whether you haven't picked a theme yet or are already looking for specific ideas, ask your employees for input. Involving your employees in the process contributes to the company culture, helps create an inclusive workplace, and makes everyone feel like part of a team rather than just a cog in the machine.

Now that you have all our tips for successful naming of your meeting rooms, feel free to let us know what the most creative and original names are for your company!