Space planning

Definition of space planning

Space planning, also known as "the art of balance", is a concept that emerged in the 90s, aimed at reinventing workspaces to optimize their use in response to high rental costs. This is what is said to have led to the widespread use of open spaces.

Today, it is an essential discipline in the management of a company's working environment. It involves designing and organizing workspaces in such a way as to optimize the use of premises, promote productivity and exchanges, and above all create a functional and pleasant working environment for each team's employees.

The steps involved in setting up a space plan

  1. Carry out an in-depth study of the company's needs, taking into account the requirements of employees in the various departments, the purpose of the project and the existing furniture.
  2. Verify that the adjustments to be made are feasible, which means checking legislation and the characteristics of the premises.
  3. Design layout plans that take into account the ergonomics and layout of offices (relaxation areas, meeting rooms, etc.), which is equivalent to zoning.
  4. Fit out offices in line with the company's visual identity. Interior architecture and design choices are also taken into account.

The benefits of space planning

Space planning offers many advantages for companies. Itoptimizes the organization and use of an office, creates a collaborative work environment, and improves the management of real estate resources.

It's also a way of asserting the company's identity and culture through the choice of materials, colors, etc. Employees then benefit from a work environment designed to promote their well-being and productivity, which can also have a positive impact on their job satisfaction.

Space planning professionals

Space planning is generally carried out by a qualified professional, such as an interior architect, space designer or space planner. These experts, based in Paris and throughout France, work closely with the company to design customized layout solutions to meet specific needs. They support companies at every stage of their space transformation.

In a nutshell

Space planning is an essential discipline for any company wishing to create an optimal working environment, adapted to employees' needs and objectives. It is a meticulous process, orchestrated by space planners, to provide spaces equipped to facilitate employees' work and exchanges while maximizing their comfort.

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