The definition of micro-zoning

Micro-zoning is a precise, detailed approach to designing flex office workspaces within a company. It aims to create specific zones within a larger space, such as an office or open space.

Unlike the macro-zoning concept, which aims to divide the work environment into larger spaces, micro-zoning focuses on more specific subdivisions, each with its own layout and adapted furniture. The layout takes into account the teams, projects and types of equipment available. The result is a better design of spaces and workplaces, improving the quality of office life and fostering communication between employees.

For example, this type of space organization allows you to create relaxation areas for employees in different zones, with sofas, tables, foosball tables or rest areas to encourage exchanges. Several layouts are then possible for the same space, depending on your choices.

Micro-zoning VS macro-zoning

Micro-zoning differs from macro-zoning in its scale. Whereas micro-zoning focuses on dividing a workspace into small functional zones, macro-zoning concerns the wider distribution of spaces within a building or site, which can then modify its architecture. This type of zoning can define large areas, such as offices, meeting rooms and common spaces, while micro-zoning further refines these spaces by creating specific sub-zones.

Setting up micro-zoning

The micro-zoning project involves a development phase consisting of several stages:

  1. Designing plans
  2. Work scheduling
  3. Carrying out the work in accordance with the predefined schedule

Micro-zoning makes it possible to implement tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of office and corporate users.

In a nutshell

Micro-zoning is a precise approach to the layout of flex office workspaces within company premises. Unlike macro-zoning, which divides into broad zones, micro-zoning focuses on specific subdivisions, such as the layout of meeting rooms or relaxation areas, which can be equipped with sofas. This creates unique zones in terms of decoration and furnishings for the comfort of employees.

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