Collaborative space

Definition of a collaborative space

A collaborative space is an environment designed specifically to encourage teamwork, interaction and exchange between individuals within an organization.

These spaces can take many forms on company premises: fully-equipped shared offices, open-plan areas, meeting rooms, phone boxes for several employees, and other services. Collaborative spaces can also be called open-space or coworking spaces.

The objectives of these spaces

The use of collaborative spaces can also meet the changing needs of working patterns, such as remote work and flex office. By encouraging communication and cooperation, these spaces help to strengthen corporate culture and improve overall employee productivity.

Collaborative places aim to transcend hierarchical boundaries and encourage the participation of all employees, whatever their position or department. The aim is to stimulate new ideas, speed up decision-making processes and create an environment where everyone's individual skills can complement each other.

Desk booking to optimize collaborative spaces

For good space management, it's advisable to use a digital platform that simplifies the search for a workstation. This platform is also known as desk booking.

After training managers and administrators in the use of this desk booking tool, the company will benefit from extensive data on the occupancy of all its zones, whether collaborative or not, and will be able to adapt its real estate project accordingly.

The case of the online collaborative space

Online collaborative workspaces can be set up, particularly useful when working in a hybrid mode. This solution enables members to carry out tasks and projects remotely. Certain tools are essential:

  • A shared calendar
  • A messaging service
  • Task tracking functions
  • An automation tool
  • A file-sharing tool

The advantages

  • Facilitate communication, information exchange and collaboration within each working group
  • Enhance creativity with the right layout and furnishings
  • Improve productivity with effective digital resources and solutions
  • Facilitate management by providing space for team meetings and project management

In a nutshell

A collaborative space is a place that encourages teamwork and exchange within an organization, taking various forms such as open-plan office areas or meeting rooms. Itstimulates creativity, improves communication and productivity, looking beyond hierarchies to reinforce corporate culture and boost productivity, and thus meet the changing needs of working patterns.

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