Corpoworking is a collaborative workplace within a company. Company employees can benefit from corpoworking services, as can external parties (employees, freelancers, small businesses, etc.) and customers.

Corpoworking is a contraction of the words "coworking" and "corporate".

Employees' needs have greatly evolved: these new workplaces offer an alternative to traditional offices and coworking spaces.

This solution offers individual or shared offices, collaboration spaces, meeting rooms and other facilities for workers. This layout enables more flexible management while preserving the company's identity and culture.

A concept that works?

This innovation is becoming increasingly popular around the world, and is being implemented by major companies. In France, this concept is becoming increasingly established in major groups. For example, Orange opened a 350m² corpoworking space in Paris in 2014. This makes the company a forerunner in the field.

What are the advantages?

Corpoworking has advantages for employees and companies alike.

Companies can :

  • Optimize office space: with the use of remote work, employees move less frequently to the workplace, leaving some workstations unused. . Companies can then bring these empty spaces back to life with corpoworking!
  • Save money: by renting out some of the unused space to others, the company can save money and reinvest in the employee experience, for example.
  • Attracting new talent: Offering a shared workspace can be a major asset for a company, especially when it comes to attracting young employees who are looking for this type of flexible environment, which can greatly facilitate their recruitment...

Employees will be able to :

  • Create social links: these spaces offer the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with colleagues and other coworkers from outside the company.
  • Expand your professional network, opening up new opportunities for your company
  • Facilitate collaboration within team projects
  • Stimulate creativity: in a shared workspace, employees may have to change workstations regularly, and it's this change that can affect their creativity.

In a nutshell

Corpoworking shared workspaces on a company's premises, accessible mainly to internal employees. It is also possible to give access to external people. It's an opportunity to meet new people, save money by reusing unoccupied space, and recruit new talent.

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