Coliving is a concept of shared accommodation that offers the possibility of living with other people in a common space, most often in large cities such as Paris. In a house or apartment, residents enjoy their own private space (usually a bedroom), while sharing the kitchen, living room and bathrooms.

It is sometimes possible to find coliving accommodation with specific themes such as wellness or cinema, to bring together people with similar interests for the best possible experience.

This new-generation colocation offers a more social and collaborative lifestyle, and is particularly popular with students, teleworkers and young professionals. It responds to the growing trend in urban real estate and the changing needs for flexible housing.

Rental prices vary according to residence, location and services, offering an adaptable solution for different budgets. Coliving projects are springing up all over France in response to this growing demand and the evolution of the urban living experience.


Coliving is an evolution of shared accommodation that has several advantages for residents:

  • A sense of belonging to a community sharing similar interests and values, thus fostering social interaction.
  • The opportunity toavoid isolation by being surrounded by other residents, creating a friendly, social environment.
  • Living spaces that are larger than simple apartments, often with additional spaces such as a gym, workspace or music room, as well as other services such as wifi and laundry.

In a nutshell

‍Colivingis a shared housing concept where residents own a private space, most often the bedroom, and share the other spaces. It fosters community, avoids isolation and offers additional amenities. Particularly suited to students, teleworkers and young professionals, it meets the growing demand for flexible urban real estate. Indeed, in 2020, France had 2,600 coliving beds and should have five times as many by 2023, with 14,500 beds, according to estimates by auditing firm Mazars.

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