Definition of onboarding

Onboarding is a process designed to effectively welcome and integrate new employees into an organization. It's a practice that's becoming increasingly important in human resources missions, and for many companies, the employee experience has become a priority.

Onboarding is a period that begins as soon as a new employee is hired, and can continue for the first few months of his or her employment with the company. It's an important stage in the employee's life, just like his or her departure, which must also be prepared. This is known asoffboarding.

Onboarding objectives

Onboarding has several strategic objectives. First and foremost, it promotes the harmonious integration of the new employee into the company's team and culture. It also helps to establish clear expectations in terms of performance and behavior at work.

In addition, onboarding can facilitate a new employee's productivity by helping them quickly master the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their new role. Finally, onboarding reinforces employee commitment by showing them that they are valued and an integral part of the organization.

Steps in the onboarding process

The onboarding process comprises several key stages. It begins with the communication of essential information to the successful candidate, such as job details, working hours and benefits.

Once new recruits have been integrated, onboarding can continue with training specific to their position and the company. This may include training sessions, a presentation of the company culture, access to and familiarization with the tools and resources needed to perform their tasks, or lunch with their new colleagues.

A few tips for successful hybrid onboarding :

  • Make sure the employee has the right equipment for the job. remote work
  • Introduce the new recruit to his/her employer, manager and other employees, even those working remotely.
  • Draw up a summary document: job description, tools used, floor plan, schedule for the first few weeks...

The benefits of onboarding

For the company

  • Improve the employee experience by strengthening the relationship between the company and its staff
  • Increase the productivity of new employees through appropriate training and orientation
  • Reinforce corporate culture by presenting values and mission statements
  • Promote better integration within the team, for improved collaboration and excellent overall performance

For employees

  • Confidence and comfort right from the start of their career
  • Accelerating skills enhancement and professional development
  • Social integration facilitated by the creation of links with colleagues
  • Clarity of expectations in terms of performance and behaviour at work

In a nutshell

Onboarding refers to the welcoming and integration of new employees into a company. This process extends from talent recruitment through to the first week or even month, and follows various stages to ease the transition, set clear expectations and encourage the commitment and productivity of new employees in each department.

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