Hot desking

Definition of hot desking

Hot desking is a modern approach to workspace management that promotes flexibility and efficiency in companies.

The English term "hot desking" is translated into French as "bureau flexible" in the dictionary. The translator also suggests "shared office". This refers to a practice where employees no longer have a dedicated workstation, but can choose an office or space for their team, available according to their needs and tasks.

The term "hot desking" is often associated with desk sharing or flex office, which have similar definitions.

The advantages and disadvantages of hot desking

The advantages of hot desking are numerous. It enables companies tooptimize the use of their office space, reduce real estate costs and promote collaboration between employees.

This approach is linked to new ways of working. With the practice of remote work as part of hybrid working, the employee has the flexibility to work from different locations: in the office, at home or in coworking spaces. When they come to the office, flexibility continues with hot desking, where employees can also choose their own workspace, such as a meeting room or office.

However, the employer must take care to resolve certain challenges:

  • Concentration: hot desking allows you to create different spaces, each with its own purpose, including quiet zones for concentration, and phone boxes or other telephone booths for working in peace and quiet.
  • Change management: the transition to a flexible environment requires time for teams to adapt, which is why employee support and involvement are essential to the project's success.
  • Storage of personal belongings and important documents: without a dedicated workstation, it's important to offer employees a solution for storing their personal belongings, such as lockers.

Hot-desking office equipment

Offices equipped for hot desking often featuremodern infrastructure (open space, meeting rooms, etc.), state-of-the-art technology and space management solutions such as screens and computer stands for each workstation. Companies can set up office and flexible space reservation software, making it easier to organize staff and manage workstations and available space.

The development of hot desking

Office sharing has become a popular solution for millions of employees in companies ranging from small start-ups to large organizations. Hot desking promotes flexibility, efficiency and optimal management of real estate resources, while meeting the changing needs of employees.

In a nutshell

Hot desking, or the flexible office, is an innovative approach to workspace management that offers greater flexibility to its users by allowing them to choose a workstation according to their needs, while enabling companies to optimize their spaces and thus create a more agile working environment.

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