Desk sharing


Desk sharing means sharing a company's office space. Employees no longer have their own office, but can choose their own workspace, in the form of an open space or coworking arrangement, for example. This requires a reorganization of the working environment.

Companies have been introducing desk-sharing since the widespread use of remote work, when employees visit the office less regularly.

The management of these flexible spaces often requires the use of desk-booking tools, enabling employees to reserve their workstations quickly, and the company to have a concrete view of space occupancy.

Don't confuse desk sharing with flex office

Be careful not to confuse desk sharing with flex office! Like desk sharing, flex office involves sharing workstations. However, flex office takes the concept of a shared office a step further: the different areas of the company will be modified. Parts of the premises will be rearranged to suit the needs and expectations that employees may have during their day at the office. This may involve the creation of relaxation areas, meeting rooms and zones dedicated to collaboration.


This more flexible work organization has several advantages for employees:

  • Creating social links: as offices are shared, it's easier for employees to talk to each other. What's more, they won't necessarily be at the same desk every day, and can find themselves next to other employees from different teams, encouraging encounters.
  • Better collaboration: with open spaces, employees can work and communicate more easily as a team.
  • Increased productivity, accentuated by regular job changes.

There are benefits for the company too! First of all, by adopting this shared office organization mode, savings can be made, as employees visit the office less often.

This solution is also an effective way of improving the employer brand. In 2022, 28% of employees were already in flex office (Parella), which shows that more and more employees are embracing office sharing because of the various benefits mentioned above. As a result, companies are more likely to reduce their attrition rates and attract new talent.

In a nutshell

The principle of desk sharing is the sharing of office resources and workstations. The employee no longer has a fixed desk, encouraging better collaboration and saving costs. However, desk sharing should not be confused with flex office. Flex office goes a step further by reorganizing or creating spaces, which often requires a period of renovation.

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