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"Deskare has been a real eye-opener for us in the hybrid and flex-office organization."

Discover how Pretto optimizes its different offices in flex-office with Deskare
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September 2021

Introduce yourself and Pretto?

Julie Légalché (J): I am Julie, I am Office & Team Care Manager at Pretto

Sirisack Sirimanotham (S): So my name is Siri, I'm a Sales Suport Manager at Pretto

J: "We are a real estate broker only online our goal is to negotiate the best real estate price conditions in our customers through a complete and personalized support."

S: "Our goal is to negotiate the best real estate loan terms for our clients, thanks to comprehensive and personalized support."

Why did you adopt Deskare ?

J: "Deskare has been a real revelation for us, filling a gap in our office management at the time. Before Deskare, we were managing it with an excel spreadsheet which was not user friendly and very complicated to fill in for the teams, not at all efficient. We were looking for a solution that would allow us to have precise statistics to optimize our offices and that would also allow the teams to declare themselves quickly in one click and so Deskare arrived at the right time for us."

How do you use Deskare?

J: "At Pretto we use Deskare on several points, the first one is to manage the space gauges a little bit. So the particularity at Pretto is that we have several sites since we have two offices in Paris on a total of five floors and also two offices in Nantes. Deskare allows us to manage the filling of these offices even when we are at a distance. The second usefulness is that Pretto is currently in full growth, we are currently 190 collaborators and at the beginning of the next school year in September we will be 250. So the problem of space will arise and Deskare allows us to have precious statistics on the life styles of the teams, that is to say to know who tends to remote work more or not or which days are more frequented. So it helps us project to choose our future locations and decide what telecommuting policy we adopt for which teams."

S: "Deskare is really a very good solution for me as a manager, especially to know the attendance rate of each person and when they are present at the office. As a result, Deskare allows me today to know when I can organize physical rituals with my teams. What I like about Deskare is the ergonomics, the ease of use, the possibility to be notified in advance about the presence of each person."

J: "On the HR part, Deskare also helps us because we had set up a telecommuting policy for our employees because we realized that there was a real need for flexibility on this subject. And we decided to compensate the Pretto employees for each day of telecommuting that they do and Deskare allows us to count that and to compensate the employees every month. In terms of recruitment, it is also a real lever to recruit talents. Deskare as a tool to manage this telecommuting policy that we have set up for our employees."

S: "I use it on a regular basis, every day before I go to the office the idea is to know in advance who will be there and what ritual I can put in place. Inversely, I plan days of presence for my teams. I personally live in Lyon so I go back and forth to the office every day. If I realize via the Deskare application that no one from my team is going to show up at the office, I know it in advance.

"Deskare has been a real eye-opener for us in the hybrid and flex-office organization."

What is your favorite feature?

S: "My favorite feature is the integration on Slack which is so cool. We're running between 95 and 100 percent on the opt-in rate."

J: "So my favorite feature of Deskare is the automatic reminders for people who might not have declared themselves. So Deskare helps us quite a bit in terms of Slack reminders that can be set up."

Deskare in a word ?

S: "If I can define Deskare in one word: practical."

J: "So in two words I would say simple and practical".

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