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"Deskare has been a real eye-opener for us in the hybrid and flex-office organization."

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Find out how Pretto optimizes its flex offices with Deskare
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September 2021

How do you organise the day-to-day work of a growing team in several offices since the switch to hybrid work?

Like many other startups, the HR and Office Management team at Pretto, an online mortgage specialist, was faced with this question. And like many of them, they had started by setting up an Excel attendance file where employees were supposed to fill in their days of presence in the office and their days of remote work, throughout the Covid period.

Except that, as in many other companies, the day-to-day use of a presence Excel is not as straightforward as expected.

"The Excel spreadsheet was not at all user-friendly and very complicated for the teams to fill in" Julie Legalché, Office Manager at Pretto

Faced with this waste of time for the HR team and for the company as a whole, the team set out to find a scheduling software remote work that would meet a dual need: to collect data on office occupancy to optimize their premises, and to enable employees to declare their schedules at the click of a button on an easy-to-use solution.

A solution that meets several uses of flex-office and remote work

Deskare, Pretto's flex office management solution, was deployed at the end of August 2021, for optimal adoption as soon as employees returned from vacation. Very quickly, the use of the solution became obvious. The solution met several needs.

One of the primary uses of Deskare at Pretto is the management of office capacity gauges. With Pretto's workforce growing rapidly (from 180 to 250 employees over the next 12 months), there was a real risk that the startup's Nantes and Paris offices would no longer be able to accommodate all its employees.

Thanks to Deskare, occupancy rates are easily monitored on a daily basis, enabling the Office Management team to anticipate future space planning, based on historical and current occupancy rates for the various sites. These rates are tracked via a set of dashboards accessible from the Deskare administrator area.

Pretto's Office Management team gathered in front of space-filling dashboards ‍
Pretto's Office Management team in front of the space-filling dashboards

And that's not all: in addition to detecting potential cases of isolation at remote work, Pretto's HR teams also use Deskare for one very specific point: the payment of a compensation remote work to employees based on the number of days teleworked, along the lines of the URSSAF system. This policy, facilitated by Deskare, is a real lever for attracting talent, at a time when recruitment is key for the startup.

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"Deskare has been a real eye-opener for us in the hybrid and flex-office organization."

Help for HR and team managers alike

But the adoption of Deskare hasn't just helped HR and Office Managers. The platform's main contribution lies in helping employees to find their way around the office easily, and in helping managers to manage their teams both face-to-face and remotely, to keep the team culture alive.

Sirisack, Sales Support Manager at Pretto, explains:

"Deskare lets me know when I can organize physical rituals with my teams. [...] I use it every day to find out who will be there and plan attendance days for my teams."

Deskare's manager area allows team managers to benefit from statistics specific to their team, and to better organize their teammates.

Finally, the ergonomics, ease of use and native integrations with Google Calendar, Slack and the company's own leave management tool (Payfit) completed the job of making Deskare a solution adopted on a daily basis by Pretto's teams, which delights Sirisack: his team counts a day declaration rate of between 95 and 100% at all times thanks to the Slack integration...

This reassures the Pretto teams about the startup's culture: whether in the office or remotely, getting together for the moments that count will always remain easy!‍

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