Workcation: a new trend combining work and vacations

In today's business world, a new practice has emerged: workcation. A fusion of the English words "work" and "vacation", this concept represents a fast-growing trend that is overturning the traditional codes of the professional world. In France, the term "tracances" has come to define this concept.

Combining work and leisure

Workcation is the idea of combining work and vacation, a new way of thinking about work and leisure. It's a form of "tracances", a French term that mixes the words "work" and "vacation". It enables working people to enjoy a stay in a vacation destination while continuing to work, often remotely or at remote work.

It's a compromise between work and free time, allowing workers to disconnect while remaining active. The workplace is no longer limited to the company office: the world becomes a potential workspace. Employees can choose a vacation destination and integrate it into their daily work routine, all within the framework of a normal working week.

Workcation or work-related harassment

Many companies encourage this practice, considering that it increases employee satisfaction and productivity. Workcation destinations can range from coworking spaces to tourist resorts, promoting a balance between work and leisure.

The impact of workcation

Employees who practice "workcation" or "tracances" feel more fulfilled in their jobs, are better able to disconnect and are more productive. They also have the opportunity to discover new places, go sightseeing and take part in local activities in their spare time.

Workcation destinations offer spaces adapted to the needs of remote workers, such as coworking spaces and venues equipped for remote work. The term "bleisure" is also linked to this trend, combining "business" and "leisure".

Workcation in France

In France, workcation is gaining in popularity, particularly with the emergence of remote work. More and more French companies are offering this option to their employees. The right to disconnect, already enshrined in French law, encourages this new trend.

For example, VVF, a French tourism company, has set up a concept of "third places", offering workers spaces adapted to working remotely while enjoying a pleasant vacation environment.

Workcation is therefore a modern response to the needs of today's workers, seeking to reconcile their professional and personal lives. Whether it's taking photos (for their Instagram account) or traveling while continuing to work, more and more employees are embracing this new form of work.

Workcation, a true reflection of our times, proves that it's possible to combine professional efficiency with pleasure. So, are you ready to prepare your next workcation?

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