Ticket office

What is a ticket office?

The office ticket is a recent innovation in the workplace, which has yet to make it into the dictionary. It works in a similar way to luncheon vouchers, and offers employees a flexible and efficient way of accessing workspaces, whether in a traditional office, coworking, or even at remote work. This approach is based on the idea that employees can choose where they want to work, using tickets as access passes to different workplaces.

Flexibility and freedom

The use of an office ticket gives employees greater flexibility. Employees can select the offices that best suit their needs, whether close to home, close to clients or in a flex office coworking space with numerous services (kitchen, entertainment, etc.). This flexibility has become all the more valuable with the rise of remote work and the need to adapt to a variety of working styles.

How to use

As with luncheon vouchers, office tickets can take a variety of forms, from a physical card to be reloaded, a paper cheque or an online solution. Ticket sales can be made on an individual basis, or by opting for monthly subscriptions, depending on their needs and work habits.

These office vouchers could be paid for in the same way as meal vouchers, with the employer paying all or part of the cost.

Regulations and legislation

In France, the office ticket is not officially in use. However, the proposed law on remote work adopted by the Senate in Paris in 2021 includes specific provisions concerning workspaces. It stipulates that employers must offer their employees a solution for access to workspaces close to home.

In 2022, another bill was tabled in the Senate, this time focusing on the office voucher, and then reached the National Assembly. The office voucher could then be defined in new articles of the Labor Code.

The benefits of ticket bureau

The office ticket offers advantages for both companies and employees. It enables companies to reduce the costs associated with fixed offices, while offering their employees the possibility of working in environments adapted to their needs. Employees have the choice of renting third-party locations that they find inspiring and productive. It's also a way of achieving a better work-life balance.

As well as benefiting businesses, the office title wouldhelp medium-sized towns to revitalize their areas and attract new residents. For example, some of these towns could create coworking spaces close to train stations, and run advertising campaigns to publicize them.

There is also an ecological benefit, as employees will make fewer car journeys.

In a nutshell

The ticket bureau has become an additional option in the French workplace. Functioning like meal vouchers, in card form, they offer employees the freedom and flexibility they need to work in locations outside the company, always adapting to new ways of working. This innovative approach is helping to shape the future of work by offering practical solutions tailored to the changing needs of companies and their employees.

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