Remote friendly

Definition of remote friendly

The remote-friendly approach is a work management organization that combines the benefits of remote working with the ability to work in the office, offering greater flexibility to employees. This approach recognizes that remote work can be a valuable option, while maintaining the availability of face-to-face workspaces for those who need them.

Compared with the remote first approach, which favors remote work , the office first approach, which prefers face-to-face work, and the full remote approach, which focuses on 100% remote working, the remote friendly approach seeks to strike a balance between these different practices. It is particularly suited to companies that recognize the value of remote working, but also wish to maintain a physical presence in the office for certain specific activities, as is the case for many tech companies.

Flexibility and balance

In a remote friendly organization, employees have the freedom to choose their place of work each week according to their needs and preferences. They can opt for remote work when they wish to work from home, whether for reasons of comfort, concentration, or to manage personal responsibilities. At the same time, for those who prefer to work face-to-face, whether for meetings, team projects, or simply to vary their working environment, the employer maintains fully-equipped offices to maintain the company spirit.

For example, a senior developer working remotely around Paris can meet up once a week with other employees at company headquarters to continue developing a group project.

Technology and communication

To support this hybrid approach, remote-friendly companies invest in quality technologies that guarantee a fluid and productive remote working experience. They implement online communication tools, applications to collaborate in a virtual meeting room, project management tools, clouds to retrieve all necessary data from the web, and so on.

The aim is to enable the manager and his team to stay connected and work effectively with customers, regardless of their physical location.


Remote friendliness has many advantages. It offers a flexibility that promotes work-life balance and improves employee satisfaction. This working model also makes it possible to set up a recruitment zone for future CDI talent, which can extend all over the world, not just in France. What's more, the company can reduce its need for physical office space. Each user can have a credit of 4 days per month of office presence, to be allocated as they wish. Using data on workspace occupancy, significant cost savings can then be achieved.

To sum up

The remote-friendly approach offers a compromise that meets the varied needs of employees while taking advantage of the benefits of working remotely. It embodies flexibility and adaptability in an ever-changing world of work, where technology enables employees to stay connected and productive, whatever their choice of workplace.

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