Smart building

Definition of a smart building

A smart building is a building designed to take advantage of the latest technological advances and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions tooptimize management, safety, comfort, energy efficiency and many other aspects of its operation. These buildings represent the future of construction, and are at the heart of the transformation of the entire real estate sector.

Intelligent technologies and equipment

Smart buildings integrate a wide range of technologies, including sensors, data management systems, IoT networks and automation systems. These elements enable the building to collect and analyze data in real time, helping to optimize the management of various aspects, such as energy consumption, security, maintenance and occupant comfort.

Benefits for businesses and the environment

For businesses, a smart building offers many advantages, including reduced energy consumption costs, improved quality of work for employees, enhanced security and more efficient management of operations. However, a good Internet network is a prerequisite. Without it, the data collected and the automations will malfunction, or not make it into the databases.

What's more, this solution contributes to the environment by minimizing energy consumption and reducing our carbon footprint. The building sector accounts for 44% of the country's energy consumption, which is more than the transport sector at 31%(French Ministry of Ecological Transition).

Applications and uses

Smart buildings have a wide range of applications, from presence-based lighting management to air quality monitoring, heating and alarm systems. They are also used to optimize workspace occupancy thanks to the wealth of information they gather, facilitating collaborative working andorganizational agility.

Smart building in France

In France, the development of these intelligent, connected buildings is gaining ground as companies seek to reduce their environmental impact. A report by Xerfi shows that the smart buildings sector is gaining momentum, with a 5% increase since 2019, compared with a 2% rise between 2014 and 2019. Players in this construction sector are striving to create buildings that meet high standards of energy efficiency and sustainability.

The French Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition has indicated that new buildings should be built to reduce their energy consumption by 50%.

To sum up

Smart buildings embody the fusion of the evolution of technology and real estate, offering new intelligent solutions to improve the efficiency, safety and comfort of living and working spaces. These new buildings are at the cutting edge of construction innovation, contributing to a more connected and sustainable future.

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