What is phygital?

Definition of phygital

Phygital is a term derived from the combination of the words "physical" and "digital". It refers to a marketing and sales approach aimed at harmoniously integrating the physical and digital environments to deliver a fluid, interactive customer experience.

Phygital is a strategy used by many brands and stores to attract and retain customers, as with click and collect. Whereas consumers usually purchase and pay for their products in a store, click and collect involves making purchases online before collecting them from in-store collection points. Phygital can therefore simplify the purchasing process by ordering products via different channels, such as cell phones via social networks, from a computer on a website, and so on.

The phygital approach to retailing responds to the new needs of consumers, as well as employees, who now aspire to new expectations and needs.

Phygital in the workplace

The phygital concept is also present in the world of work to meet the new expectations of companies and employees. It transforms work environments by integrating technology to improve employee productivity and efficiency. Phygital also promotes flexibility in the workplace, enabling employees to work remotely while maintaining a relationship of trust with their employer.

Digital tools enhance the employee experience. Work-related data management is optimized for a better understanding of employee needs and resource utilization.

The phygital work experience

In a professional environment, phygital evokes a work experience that integrates :

  • Physical elements: workspaces, offices, collaborative workplaces
  • Digital elements: remote communication tools, online project management platforms and virtual collaboration technologies

Balancing the physical and digital worlds

Phygital seeks to create a harmonious balance between the physical and digital worlds, enabling workers to access a resource and service seamlessly, whether they're in the office or at remote work. This fosters a more flexible work experience that meets the new needs of employees.

Phygital tools and technologies

Phygital tools and technologies are designed to connect employees, regardless of their location, while providing access to essential information and data. This can include videoconferencing applications for virtual meetings, file-sharing platforms, a digital online project management solution, or a digital collaborative workspace for document drafting.

The benefits of phygital

  • Flexible working: phygital enables employees to choose how and where they work, whether in a third location or in the office.
  • Improved collaboration: thanks to real-time communication tools and collaboration platforms, teams can work together, whether they are physically present in the same location or spread across the globe.
  • Optimization of workspace: the phygital model enables companies to optimize the use of their physical office space, as it can be organized and shared more efficiently by employees, thus reducing real-estate costs, thanks in particular to flex office.
  • Accessibility and availability of resources: employees have access to information, resources and services at any time, regardless of their location, improving efficiency and productivity.

Phygital has its drawbacks, which many retailers must also take into account.

  • Technological challenges: implementing a phygital approach may require varying degrees of investment in digital technology and staff training.
  • Data security: digital connectivity can expose the company to security risks, including cyber-attacks and data breaches, requiring appropriate security measures to be taken.

To sum up

Phygital, as used in commerce as in the world of work, seamlessly connects the physical and digital worlds. The result is an enriched work experience. With the help of technology, phygital enhances employee productivity and flexibility to create a more collaborative and productive environment, even at a distance.

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