Digital workplace

Definition of a digital workplace

A digital workplace is a company's internal digital working environment. It encompasses a wide range of digital resources and tools that enable employees to access information, applications, data and communications seamlessly and efficiently. Whether in the office or at home, and from any device, the employee must have access to this workspace.

You can create your own digital space, or integrate all your data into specialized SaaS software that's easier to set up.

This digital place transforms the way employees interact with their work, promoting flexibility, mobility and efficiency. It can also enhance the employee experience by providing intuitive, modern tools for getting things done.

The main challenges are to create a digital ecosystem for the company, while making it easy for employees to use.

What do digital workplaces contain?

These digital solutions can include numerous functionalities: intranet, online collaborative space, project management tool, storage space, real-time communication application, videoconferencing solution such as Microsoft Teams, human resources management system and much more.

The advantages

The benefits for the user are numerous:

  • Simplified collaboration
  • Secure document and knowledge sharing
  • Rapid access to the resources they need, especially with remote working accentuated by the health crisis
  • Increased productivity, with everything at the employee's fingertips

As for the company, the main advantage lies in the security of its data. Employers have great visibility of their employees' activities in the digital workplace, and control who can access them.

How do you create a digital workplace?

Creating this digital work environment cannot be improvised overnight. Companies need to follow a number of steps to ensure that the project runs as smoothly as possible:

  1. Identify needs and objectives
  2. Observe employee behavior, as they will be the main users of this future space
  3. Appoint a digital workplace manager to ensure that the project runs smoothly
  4. Ask employees for their opinion and respond to their concerns about the change
  5. Analyze performance after deployment of the digital workplace to measure its impact on employees and their teams

In a nutshell

A digital workplace is a place that is not restricted by physical boundaries. It's a digital platform where employees can find all the work information they need. These platforms make it easy to find important information, and thus facilitate collaboration.

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