Partitioned office

Definition of a partitioned office

A partitioned office, or enclosed office, is a workspace that is separated from others by partitions or walls, creating private, isolated workspaces.

Depending on the degree of privacy and separation required, partitions can be :

  • Partial or complete up to the ceiling
  • With varying degrees of thickness
  • And a high acoustic level, according to the

This type of office layout was commonplace several years ago, but companies are now opting for more open-plan layouts, notably with open-spaces that encourage teamwork. However, some companies are keeping their offices closed, but modernizing them after a renovation project.

Examples of partitioned offices

Partitioned offices come in a variety of forms:

  • Glass walls: these are gaining in popularity thanks to their aesthetic and acoustic advantages. They maintain a certain visual transparency while providing sound insulation. These solutions also provide a brighter environment in other rooms, such as corridors, which are often windowless. Glass partitions can be fixed or removable, allowing the defined surface area to be reconfigured to suit specific projects and requirements (for example, to divide a meeting room).
  • Removable partitions: these are particularly popular because they can be quickly adapted to changing work dynamics. You can easily convert several meeting rooms into individual spaces.
  • Dividers of different heights: without necessarily using real partitions, these variable-height walls can easily delimit an open space to create semi-open offices while maintaining a certain visual connectivity.

To install partitions in your offices, it's advisable to call on professionals who can offer you a wide range of choices and quotes.

The advantages

This layout solution can offer a number of advantages. Firstly, it offersprivacy and a personal space for each employee, who can work quietly without the noise pollution that can be the case in a shared space. So it's a good way of improving concentration** and dealing with tasks that require confidentiality.

A partitioned office can also allow employees to personalize their workspace according to their needs and preferences.


However, this type of layout has its drawbacks. Employees have different needs and now want to work in open spaces.

With offices fitted with partitions, communication between employees can be greatly reduced, whether during working hours or during breaks. Collaboration can also be reduced by the physical isolation these partitioned offices can create.

To sum up

Partitioned offices are workspaces with individual partitions offering privacy and personalization within a company's premises. Various types of partition, such as glass walls, are popular for their aesthetic appeal and insulation. Removable partitions are appreciated for their adaptability. However, partitioning can limit the communication and collaboration so eagerly awaited by employees working on site!

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