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"If I had to sum up Deskare for me it's: simple, practical, efficient and modern."

Shippeo, world leader in transport visibility, uses Deskare on a daily basis to manage its teams and offices in flex-office
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December 2021

Introduce yourself!

"My name is Aurélie Magron. I've been Office Happiness Manager at Shippeo for 4 years now. Shippeo is one of the world leaders in real-time visibility on transportation. We currently have more than 250 employees. We are based in several countries, with five offices."

How do you organize hybrid work at Shippeo?

"When we talk about hybrid work at our company it's always been a little bit in the Shippeo mindset. With Covid and the different confinements, we'll say that it's accelerated working in a different way."

Why did you adopt Deskare ?

"We decided to implement a tool for several reasons. First of all, to have better visibility on the employees, on the teams. Also, what we were looking for was a simple way to do things. A simple way for employees to declare their workplaces. What was also super important to us that it was integrated with the solutions that already exist with us."

How did you do before Deskare?

"So before it was done very manually. So, we had a Google Sheet file, which we would update every week. It was something we had to do every week, and it took us half an hour or an hour. And then also in terms of reminders that we had to do systematically on Slack, by email to tell people "don't forget to sign up!"."

"If I had to sum up Deskare for me it's: simple, practical, efficient and modern."

How does Deskare help you on a daily basis?

"It helps us a lot. What stands out the most is that it's a tool that's super easy to use. It's really the first thing that comes to mind, where before there was a bit of a lack of visibility, we didn't really know if we were going to have space when we came to the office and if this or that person from the team would be there. Now, I know that we have people who systematically say "ok let's look at Deskare who is there". Also us in Admin it's true that it allows us to have good visibility of the teams, the collaborators, to know who is where."

How was Deskare adopted ?

"Today, there is a good adoption of the tool. I really have the impression that it has become part of people's minds. In fact, sometimes when people ask on a Slack channel "Hey, who's coming to the office next week?", there are people who answer "Have you looked on Deskare? So I'm thinking okay, it's still part of the mindset. I really feel like having automatic reminders on Slack makes things a lot easier, because it takes a mental burden off of people."

Your favorite feature?

"As I said for us, it was really super important that we have a tool that integrates with our existing tools. The first thing is the integration with Lucca and so that's super easy. Also the other integrations that we use like Google Calendar. So personally, I find it very practical when we schedule meetings on Google Calendar, to be able to see where the person is, if he is on the move, if he is in one of the offices without having to go on Deskare. "

Deskare in one sentence ?

"If I had to sum up Deskare for me it's really several adjectives, it's simple, practical, efficient and modern."

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