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"If I had to sum up Deskare for me it's: simple, practical, efficient and modern."

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Shippeo, world leader in transport visibility, uses Deskare to manage its teams and flex offices
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December 2021

In an ever-changing world of work, adapting ways of working and spaces has become a necessity for many companies. Shippeo, one of the world leaders in real-time transport visibility, has successfully managed the transition to these new forms of work organization through the use of Deskare.

Aurélia Magron, Office Happiness Manager, talks about the deployment and day-to-day use of the tool, which facilitates the management of hybrid and flex office working by offering employees a flexible, fluid work experience.

Greater visibility for teams in hybrid mode

Hybrid working has always been part of Shippeo's mentality, but the health crisis and various confinements accelerated the transition to a new way of working. Deskare enabled Shippeo to take advantage ofan efficient hybrid scheduling system, and to gain greater visibility over its workforce.

Teams can now easily organize and declare their office attendance and remote work days. The tool offers a user-friendly interface for easy planning and coordination of schedules, according to individual needs and current projects.

"There's a good take-up of the tool, it's become part of people's mindsets. In fact, when people ask on a Slack channel "Hey, who's coming to the office next week?", people reply "Have you looked on Deskare?". So now I'm thinking, ok, it's become part of people's minds."

Easier management of hybrid work

Before deploying Deskare, Aurelia managed remote work manually, using a Google Sheet file updated every week. To this time-consuming task was added a process of individual reminders on Slack or by e-mail to tell employees "don't forget to sign up".

"Having automatic reminders on Slack makes things a lot easier, it takes a mental load off people."

Aurelia now frees up an hour of her time each week thanks to Deskare, which takes care of consolidating the declarations for her at remote work, reminding employees to declare their week and reserving the space they need.

"If I had to sum up Deskare for me it's: simple, practical, efficient and modern."

A smooth transition to flex office

In addition to visibility on remote work days, the adoption of Deskare brings visibility on office occupancy. Shippeo relies on the tool to effectively manage flex office workspace. On days when they are on site, employees know that they will have a space and whether a particular member of the team will be present.

"Now we have people who systematically say 'let's look on Deskare who's there'. It also gives administrators good visibility of teams, collaborators and who's where."

Deskare enables employees to reserve the workspaces they need according to their specific requirements. Whether for a meeting, an individual work session or team collaboration, the tool offers real-time visibility on the availability of real estate resources, making it easy to plan and book workplaces.

Integration to enhance the employee experience

"It was really important that we had a tool that integrated with our existing tools."

Deskare integrates with a wide range of corporate tools: HRIS, communications, calendars, identity management and Smart Office services. Shippeo's integration with Lucca, for example, facilitates theonboarding of new employees, and Google Calendar, which lets you schedule meetings by visualizing where the person is working from, without having to visit Deskare.

Thanks to the available integrations, Aurelia has gone from managing hybrids manually to managing them automatically!

Find out more about Deskare's integration into Microsoft Teams.

To sum up, Shippeo has succeeded in adapting to the flex office thanks to Deskare, which facilitates the scheduling of office attendance and remote work days. The platform's integrations with other tools have enabled Shippeo to increase efficiency and automate certain tasks, with a direct and positive impact on productivity!

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