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"Deskare assures us that a new employee will be welcomed properly, in the office with their team."

Jellyfish offers each employee the opportunity to build his or her work time between home and office with Deskare
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A flex revolution for the 2,500 employees of the leader in digital acceleration, spread over 40 sites around the world, who now work 60% of their time remotely.

Created in 2005, Jellyfish Jellyfish supports 250 of the biggest brands (Carrefour, Club Med, Orange, Yves Rocher, Google, Harrods, ...) in their digital acceleration, shaping their future in all fields, whether it is e-commerce, consumer goods, entertainment or gaming. As a true digital partner of brands, Jellyfish has more than 2,500 digital experts in 40 locations worldwide (19 countries), including 380 in France. Since the Covid crisis, Jellyfish has more than doubled its workforce, notably through the acquisition of ten companies worldwide in 2021.

With an HR team of more than 80 people, Jellyfish has adopted a disruptive HR approach since its inception, based on mentoring, skills development and anonymous promotion. Being disruptive also means knowing how to adapt very quickly in response to an emergency and looking ahead with a coherent strategy. This is what Jellyfish has done since the beginning of the health crisis with the internal development of a solution allowing to reserve an office while respecting a physical distance and guaranteeing the safety of all. The long term vision linked to the will to set up a new perennial mode of hybrid collaboration got the better of the limits of this solution, very appreciated internally, and opened the door to Deskare with a complete solution dedicated to the global organization of the telework policy.

Today, Jellyfish is accelerating its hyper-growth and aims to have 3,000 employees by the end of 2022 (250 positions are already open, 20% of which are in France). Under the leadership of Hélène Weingartner, Jellyfish's People Director, the startup is proudly deploying its international telecommuting policy with Deskare, in order to offer each employee the opportunity to build his or her own working time between home and office.

Imagine, test, survey and adapt your strategy for a new mode of collaboration

Like many companies, the "pre-COVID" Jellyfish was all office-based except for 1 day a month when telecommuting was allowed. That was the world before. As of July 2020, the HR team pivoted to move all employees to 100% remote and focus on the future telecommuting policy.

At the same time, the team of developers will design, according to the governmental decisions of each country, an internal solution to leave the door open to all those who wish to come to the office. The internal application "Desk Today" was born; a temporary solution deployed worldwide from September 2020 to be able to book an office while respecting a physical distance and guaranteeing the security of all.

"We are proud of the fact that we were able to adapt so quickly and design an in-house solution for office reservations right from the start of the crisis. Our teams were exemplary and very imaginative! Although this solution was able to cope with the emergency, it was based on an improved Excel file and we already had in mind to completely review our teleworking policy. From the beginning of the crisis, we perceived the shock wave that was going to be provoked on the work organization and we wanted to welcome it and support it in a sustainable and intelligent way" says Hélène Weingartner, People Director at Jellyfish.

His team set out to find solutions to measure the QWL, the commitment and the needs and desires of all employees in terms of new collaboration rules.

"At Jellyfish, no lasting transformation without listening and exchanging with our employees. We are very attentive to their opinions, perceptions and ideas in order to make informed decisions; all the more so when it comes to the transformation of collaboration, and therefore of the Human being. This is how we build our common culture," adds Hélène Weingartner.

At the end of this reflection phase, the Jellyfish HR team decided on a sustainable need to support its new flex office policy, allowing 60% of remote work per month: a user friendly solution easy to develop and adapt at an international level, based on trust and flexibility, offering dynamic dashboards and interfacing with Sage HR software. After studying different solutions around the world, Jellyfish chose Deskare, the only French solution (cock-a-doodle-doo) allowing to manage this new work time allocation in an agile way.

"Deskare assures us that a new employee will be welcomed properly, in the office with their team."

Deskare to take care of its employees

The Deskare solution was tested in August 2021 before being deployed in pilot mode in 6 different offices around the world (Europe, Americas, Middle East...) in early 2022. In line with the positive local feedback, the solution has been deployed from April 2022 in the 17 countries of the group.

Having an intelligent telework management solution is also a way to ensure a successful Onboarding, especially when you are in hyper-growth.

"Deskare allows us here again to ensure that a new employee will be welcomed as it should be, in the office with his team, that he will know where to settle down from his interface and know where to find his new colleagues, whether they are at home, in the office or anywhere else. Collaboration, transparency and trust are three key elements of successful onboarding," says Weingartner.

Today, the Deskare solution allows all Jellyfish employees to :

  • Declare your days of presence at the office and telework, quickly and simply in one click
  • Share your schedule to easily find your teammates, and work with the ones that matter
  • Make sure you have a free workstation when you arrive at the office
Declare your schedule with Deskare
Declare your schedule with Deskare
Flex office management at Jellyfish with an interactive map on the Deskare app

And allows the HR team to have key data for the evaluation or evolution of its strategy:

  • Detect patterns of team presence and office use
  • Carry out the necessary monitoring of employee attendance as part of the JellyFlex policy implemented by the group
  • Measure completion and adoption rates (country by country)
  • Follow the daily occupation of sites, areas, spaces, offices...
  • Identify and detect weak signals of isolation and disengagement
  • And many other features under co-development
Monitoring of strategic data on space occupation with Deskare
Monitoring of strategic data on space occupation with Deskare
Office and telework attendance in real time with Deskare
Office and telework attendance in real time with Deskare
"It is about precious data on the presence of teams in the office, the frequentation of spaces, the average occupation rates... to make the right decisions on the basis of the real practices of the employees, the teams, and the real consumption of spaces. In concrete terms, thanks to Deskare, we can now rethink our spaces intelligently, regroup our teams, absorb the growth without moving and above all... rehumanize while rationalizing!" Hélène Weingartner is very pleased.
"This collaboration between Jellyfish and Deskare signs the new "normality" of collaboration within our startup. Thanks to a team that is very attentive to our needs, we are co-building an almost tailor-made solution and Deskare now meets 99% of our needs!"

A satisfaction amplified by a common policy of ideation which allows the 2 companies to imagine new functionalities together, at the service of all the companies which seek to manage intelligently their policy of telecommuting.

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