Easily manage hybrid work with Believe

In this case study, find out how Believe successfully transitioned to a sustainable hybrid and flex office working model, enabling :

  • Visualize where teams are working in the office
  • Encouraging employees to declare telecommuting
  • Recommend reserving workstations

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Believe: Simple management of hybrid work, a springboard to the flex office

Believe, one of the world leaders in the digital music market, has experienced significant growth in recent years, thanks to its technological platform and the unique digital expertise of its employees, who advise artists and labels, and distribute and promote their music. Founded in 2005, Believe now employs 1,720 people in over 50 countries, including 643 in France.

Since 2019, the organization of work has been evolving rapidly. Between the relocation of the Paris offices, the signing of the telecommuting agreement, the perpetuation of hybrid working and, most recently, the gradual switch to flex office, Believe needed a tool to better manage the organization of work in its new spaces.

Deskare was chosen to deliver a seamless hybrid experience:

  • Declaration of teleworking days and on-site presence
  • Reservation of workspaces adapted to needs
  • On-site collaboration made easy
  • Optimizing office space

Discover Believe's experience feedback through the testimony of Molinard Controle, Office Coordinator : challenges met and actions implemented for a transition to a sustainable hybrid and flex office working model, thanks to a better management of the working environment.

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